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Certified ISO 9001:2015 for fabrication and distribution of precision ground bars.


Our Products

Advance Grinding Services runs a wide distribution of different metal products and materials almost in all locations in the United States. Adhering to ISO 9001:2015 standards, we consistently implement Quality Inspection to our production operation - ensuring we deliver high accuracy, tight tolerance, and precision among our inventory of steel and metal.
We supply alloy steels that are easy to forge and exhibit great wear resistance and tough strength.
We stock an extensive line of aluminum materials that are known for its remarkable low density and high corrosion resistance.
We stock Brass, Copper, and Bronze for manufacturing parts and components in various construction industries.
Our carbon steel is available in a wide range of shapes, types, and bars in a hot rolled condition.
We stock a wide array of medical steel ranging from grades and shapes that passed stringent surgical criteria.
Nickel and High-Temperature Alloys are greatly applied for environments requiring high heat and/0r corrosion resistance.

Our Services

As a premium partner of many large manufacturers, Advance Grinding Services is capable of doing cylindrical grinding and different machining operations - all performed at monitored quality! Along with the use of advanced machinery, we could be the best in OD grinding and precision centerless grinding operation in metal and steel to meet the high demands of customers for their specific applications.
We provide chamfering services for precision ground bars and produce specific chamfered ends for various materials.
We specialize in custom machining design for the production of high-quality machined parts to meet your specific needs.
We provide packaging services for industrial and manufacturing sectors for a maintained quality and safe transit of products.
We offer an aggressive polishing operation that can lead to brighter, smoother finish in all products specifications.

Why Advance Grinding

Metal Bars (Ingress)
About Advance Grinding Services Since 1994, Advance Grinding Services has been building its name through providing products and services with the finest quality and high standards.
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Advance Grinding Services provides Precision Ground Bars and Centerless Ground services nationally and globally.
Advance Grinding Services provides a wide array of materials and specialized services to a variety of industries upon manufacturing their products.
Quality assurance perspective is what Advance Grinding Services aimed and it has been our goal to achieve it in every result.
carbon steel grades
As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we boast ourselves on making the most of our resources to provide the finest quality at profitable costs.


Ground steel in Chicago
Get the best set of ground steel bars in Chicago for your rigorous turning and grinding applications Ground steel bars have gained a much higher demand compared to commercial bright drawn, bright peeled, or bright turned bars. The tighter tolerance they exhibit and a fair demonstration of good roughness, precision, straightness, and fine surface finish […]
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