Centerless Grinding: Achieving Perfectly Centerless Ground Bars

“Achieving perfectly centerless ground bars with the precise roundness and tight tolerance is made possible with our advanced centerless grinding solutions.”

To respond with the eminent demand for closer tolerances on bar diameters and finer surface finishers, Advance Grinding Services, Inc. performs centerless grinding process to accomplish high application set by our diverse customers. With the centerless grinding and the use of advanced CNC machines, we are able to bring out the tight diameter tolerance in every bar and produce super fine surface finishes.

Centerless ground bars have close tolerance that are up to .0001” and the finest micro finish. Even perfect bar ground and polish can be achieved in out-of-roundness materials which have undergone a rigid process during the grinding operation.

There is a standard part implemented in the centerless grinding process. Three-point gages are used to ensure the workpiece in its proper place and in proper hold. Bars are cold-drawn before being ground to meet customers’ demand for finished physical properties.

Our metal operators always attest to the following critical factors considered in grinding centerless ground bars:

  •  internal structure
  •  hardness
  •  depth of decarburization

Considering factors of setting up the wheel is also highly important to bring out that perfectly centerless ground bars.

1. Proper distance between grinding wheel and the regulating wheel

As three-point positioning method used in the process, proper distance between the wheels is a must! This will provide bar size consistency and accurate surface finish in every workpiece.

2. Regular grinding wheel dressing

Faulty dressing can lead to uneven fine lines or wavy traverse, leaving ragged wheel edges. Diamond traversing should be maintained at an even rate. Due to the thorough grinding, grains might get dull and so wheels should be redressed at times.

3. Type of abrasive grains

Diamond type of grains are best recommended in the grinding process since diamonds are sharp and hard to break. They should not be allowed to dwell on wheel and should be dressed across face only, starting at the edge.

4. Location of the workpiece between wheels

Workpiece must be placed properly in the process and in proper hold between the wheels. The location of the workpiece is critical in achieving that perfect grinding process.

5. Proper Implementation of work support blades

Choose the proper work blades for your process. Change the blades to softer material. Better use steel, aluminum bronze, or cast iron.

The quest for meeting the tight tolerance and surface finish in all bar products is rigidly watched in each phase of operation. Thorough surface grinding can sure be achieved with understanding of basic fundamentals of grinding – and that’s what we set in all our operations.

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