Centerless Grinding Makes It All Possible In Meeting Demands For Precision

Centerless grinding stands prominent among all other processes since it can sum up every type of machining work in one roof – at fast lead times!

It is no doubt that centerless grinding has proven its effectiveness in meeting the demands for precision roundness and tight tolerance. For the record, centerless grinding stands prominent among all other processes since it can sum up almost every type of machining work in one roof – at fast lead times!

Big manufacturers of precision products and tools must have a reliable source of raw materials like bars in varying finishes, sizes, and mechanical properties to fit their specific application. It is also important that these materials always have the controlled procedure for quality consistency.

What high-volume manufacturer industries are looking for now are those materials qualified when it comes to high accuracy, perfect metallurgical composition, and tight tolerance to be able to come across a wide range of operations and conditions upon application.

Centerless grinding is used for controlling finish and size of bars in a continuous process. Since the demand for ground bar stock has grown, suppliers are relentless to have a consistent production of material with the required tolerance. In meeting daily production volumes, CNC grinding operations like OD grinding and centerless grinding upgrade into new advancements and machines to enhance it grinding operations. This entails investing in a new technology. Most manufacturers moved on to CNC grinding that can perform in the roughest production environments and can accommodate multiple part configurations.

In most cases, advanced machines are used to perform critical operation involved in specifying high tolerances in diameter and precision roundness among bars. Swiss machines for example are used by manufacturers for centerless grinding. In order to achieve multiple productivity in the operation, grinding machines should be equipped and constantly dressed with abrasive grains  and have proper placement of grinders to handle different diameters and geometries of the workpiece.

It makes possible to achieve close tolerances, precision roundness, and maintain accuracy with a thorough surface grinding and controlled gap between centers. In addition, this machining process allows a variety of functional tasks like cleaning, polishing, finishing, and roughing performed in a single pass only.

The ability to handle multiple machining solutions and achieve precise results best explains why centerless grinding becomes a newly standard production technique. For more information about our machining capabilities, Contact Us or get our Free Quote to hear fresh from us!