Get The Most Out of Centerless Grinding Operation

How centerless grinding lets you get the most out of your operation? It takes these: preventive maintenance, proper cleaning, and clear automation.

Proper Preventive Maintenance

Want to meet daily production goals without a glitch on your process? That’s easy but there are things that need to be taken into account. Having proper maintenance has a great impact in the outcome of the operation. Consider that your machine has been grinding parts and bars and these parts are flying out of the machine in place and on schedule but a piece of swarf was stuck in the machine. Possible outcome? Machine glitch and production downtime – a thing that all manufacturers despise the most.

Preventive maintenance is overlooked every time. It’s because what manufacturers or operators always consider is that having machine uptime is the key to meet up daily production goals. A quick fix and repair as well as a quick check on machines and tools is highly significant upon the operation.

You should also take into account the time you replace spindle and at least it should take place during weekends to avoid the lost of production time.The preventive maintenance is also one way to reveal problems with your machine and operation that can be solved and fixed as soon as possible, preventing unwanted errors to occur. If you want to get more out your centerless grinding operation, possible problems should be controlled and eliminated before they happen…


Continuous cutting operation means more volume of swarf.

Mind you, a single swarf stuck in the machine can ruin your operation and the whole production. Swarf are those chips or fillings of metal and steel produced by cutting or grinding operations. Swarf can be highly flammable especially if they are made out of reactive metals. Proper caution is a must to avoid ignition sources – and this is such a huge problem. Aside from fire incidents, swarf can also clog the nozzle of a shop vacuum so there are a lot of risks that can be encountered soon if this is not taken into account.

A proper clean-up and disposal of continuous-cutting swarf can result in a denser, more manageable waste which contribute to the whole flow of your production operation.

Cleaning machine is the best way towards maximizing production. Aside from impressing visitors and customers, a clean machine and equipment also lessens the tendency of machine glitch or malfunction. This plays significantly to meeting up daily high-volume productions – and at fast lead times! Proper machine cleaning and chip handling improves operational flow and can pave way for more reclamation and recycling.


Automation is another best strategy to save you from tons of work. Having the machine automated keeps you off duty of loading the grinder with bars according to machine-loading equation. It saves you from the time consumed for loading and unloading materials. It has a great number of benefits to the operators and most importantly to operations in a high volume production environment. It could not affect any of the operators’ mood or even their willingness to work.
Automation allows automatic loading and unloading of parts of the grinder by feeding and supporting workpieces as they are ground. Thus, there are much more time for material checking to ensure quality and specified requirements are met.

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