Quality assurance perspective is what we aimed and it has been our goal to achieve it in every result.

Advance Grinding Services has a large and varied customer base, from small and local engineering companies to large and multifunctional industries and market sectors.

Having been certified to ISO 9001:2008, Advance Grinding Services quality systems are developed and are sought by a lot of manufacturers for how many years. What guides us in all our operations is TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT. This means all our valued customers can assure total quality only here in Advance Grinding Services.

Reliable Service

1We work on meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers when it comes to quality in products, manufacturing, and service. We work upon completion with urgency but we ensure accurate results, seeing to it that our customers satisfactorily get what they need, along with an expected condition.

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2Dedicated to Quality Policy, we are in continuous pursuit of improvements and innovation of strategies and leadership ways to be able to bring out competitive advantage for our valued customers and the company itself.

Highly Flexible

3We are up on developing Quality Relationships which can result to continuous improvement in teamwork and communication, both inside the company and with our customers.

Excellent Customer Support

4We at Advance Grinding Services work on how to meet and exceed the heavy demand and expectations of our customers. In addition, we see to it that in every we do, we consider quality firsthand. Quality Control Inspection is always implemented at any rate of work in production and operations. We are open for any customer-related services including deliveries and exports of materials across local and global areas. That is how we value much our customers as we aim to let them grow and expand with us!