Aluminum Steel Bars

We have aluminum steel bars that are cut to desired size and with high tolerance and excellent properties to fit any kind of specific application.

Aluminum steel bars got excellent properties that are perfect for industrial and construction applications, especially in the aerospace construction. Aluminum has these mechanical properties such as low density, lightweight, hardness, and great resistance against a wide range of extreme temperatures. They are easy to fabricate and weld with their ease in machinability features.

Aluminum is the leading material in the aviation industry and almost make up 75% of an aircraft structure and composition. It has high heat and corrosion resistance and high strength and accepts coatings and paints. These features are very required in the aerospace and automotive construction that undergo a lot of extreme conditions.

Advance Grinding Services offers its large inventory of Aluminum Steel Bars for major applications like aircraft fittings, fuse parts, missile parts, and different commercial aircraft, defense equipment, and aerospace components. We also do specific metal processing operations by professional experts to help bring out the desired aluminum products for customers request. Aluminum steel bars are superalloys that are mainly used in aircraft construction with their low density and lightweight properties.

If you are in need of aluminum steel bars upon your manufacturing requirements, please call us or CONTACT Advance Grinding Services.