Medical Steel

We stock a wide array of medical steel ranging from grades and shapes that passed stringent surgical criteria.

Advance Grinding Services, with its wide array of metal working operations, also comes up with producing different Medical Steel which has passed the stringent requirements of medical and surgical experts.

Advance Grinding Services collects an extensive range of medical steel and produces different grades out of hot-and-cold finishing operations. Steel types like martensitic steel are the best grade to be used in producing medical steel products.

Advance Grinding Services makes a consistent quality control inspection in each process to ensure the product meets the stringent requirements and criteria set by hospitals and other medical industries, especially in the production of medical steel that is required to meet high standard quality.

If you need our high-class medical steel upon your stringent operations, contact us today or get a free Quote for the material you need.

Upon performing the operation, here are the things that Advance Grinding Services promises to customers:

  • Constant Quality Control Inspection
  • Tough Choice of Raw Materials and Types
  • Efficiency and Quality Control Assurance
  • Precision and High Tolerance in every product
Medical Round Bars

Medical Round Bars

Medical round bars are available in a wide array of product sizes and lengths and diameters.

medical steel bar

Medical Steel Bars

Advance Grinding Services also boasts its wide array of Medical Steel Bar products and medical steel grades that are used in biochemical applications.

medical steel grades

Medical Steel Grades

Medical steel grades are formed for surgical operations requiring high strength and resistance to withstand stringent sterilization and cleansing process.