416 Stainless Steel Cond T Round Bar

416 stainless steel condition T round bar is a free-machining variation of steel materials with its additional sulfur content.

Round bar typically has the widest range of sizes and grades since it is used almost in all industrial and manufacturing applications. Different round bars are used in varying fields particularly ships, automobiles, aircraft, construction, industrial machines, and civil engineering. They should possess high durability and excellent mechanical properties such as tough strength, corrosion resistance, and ductility.

Advance Grinding Services inventory of products include 416 Stainless Steel Grades and 416 Stainless Steel Cond T Round Bar.

416 Stainless Steel Cond T Round Bars are used in particular applications that require good mechanical properties and also involve corrosive conditions which are not too rigorous. Valves, machine parts, bolts, valve parts, screws, pistons, pump rods, cutlery, food industry machine parts, etc. Among all stainless steel materials, 416 cond t round bar possesses the highest percentage of machinability property that can be improved by additional sulphur content.

These materials can be formed and drawn in an annealed condition.

Advance Grinding Services offers its 416 stainless steel bar and 416 Cond T Round Bar that are particularly used for parts where resistance to oxidation is required like compressor shrouds. It is useful at relatively high temperatures only when there are low stresses. The superior resistance possessed to corrosion of cond t round bar can be obtained by polishing and hardening.