Turning is an essential cutting action used to remove external surface to produce various geometric figures.

Turning is an operation which is one of the basic engineering machining processes that is used for reducing the diameter of a material through a continuous rotating process. This activity is primarily done on the external surface of the material and also on the internal part of the material. The workpiece as the starting material is generated by other processes like casting, forging, drawing or extrusion.

Advance Grinding Services has its major capabilities of doing turning operations for specific parts and components like crankshafts and camshafts and special tools. In addition, we perform various machining services depending upon specific applications and intended uses – e.g. roughing, part aluminum turning, finishing – in which they can produce various accurate differences in material diameter. Another advantage that our turning operations do is that it can also result in an all brand new surface finish of old metals like steels, aluminum, and more.

Here comes the whole range of turning & polishing services from Advance Grinding Services:

  • Form, Contour, Straight, and Taper Turning
  • Internal and External Threading
  • Drilling, Facing, and Boring
  • Minimized removed material
  • Lesser machine jam-up