Our Centerless Grinding Services

Using the latest CNC machines, Advance Grinding Services, Inc. performs precision centerless grinding that can bring out tight tolerances and precision roundness in bars with various geometries

centerless grinding steel bar


We provide packaging services for industrial and manufacturing sectors for a maintained quality and safe transit of products.

Advance Grinding Services offers its Special Packaging to products. It is assured that the shipment is packed securely for a safer transit. This is a way on how to maintain products for customer’s satisfaction. Advance Grinding Services sees to it that the product is in excellent condition.

Here is the following the Special Packaging options:

  • Paper wrapping
  • Cardboard tubing for all sizes
  • Wood crates and shields
  • Wooden boxes approved for an export
  • Boxing – Wood and Cardboard fiber
  • Cardboard collars

Other packaging options: Custom Wood Boxes

Aside from pure machining and metalworking operations, Advance Grinding Services also boasts its Custom Wood Boxes for Custom Packaging and Lumber. Advance Grinding Services has its own lumber division and packages for materials with tailor-made and standard boxing. This is to ensure and maintain quality in products and materials, along with a safe and secure transit.

Advance Grinding Services works on designing standard and quality custom wooden boxes to ensure sales requirements are met. In addition, AGS also provides other special packaging for bar-stock materials:

  • Paper Tube
  • UPS Packages
  • Collared and Wrap
  • Wooden Boxes for Protection – Keepsake boxes, wine boxes, personalized boxes, product packaging and displays, presentation boxes, museum boxes, etc.
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