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We provide you with stainless steel equipped with the best mechanical features such as corrosion resistance, ductility, & high strength for stressed uses.

Why Choose Stainless Steel from Advance Grinding Services

Why Choose Stainless Steel from Advance Grinding Services, Inc.?

Why Choose Stainless Steel from Advance Grinding Services

Adhering to ISO and steel standards, AGS never sticks with traditional stainless steel only but with high strength class of steels to meet rigid requirements set by customers.

Being ISO 9001:2008 certified, Advance Grinding Services, Inc. proves itself to provide high quality of stainless steel for over a couple of years. We provide a wide range of steel and alloy materials to suit every industrial need and application set by our different customers. Set by the goal meet our customer requirements, we run a wide distribution of metals and steels of variant sizes, shapes, and grades across the MidWest to ensure we pass the quality, reliability, and speed with our deliveries to a wide variety of industries we serve.

Adhering to fine standards in steel crafting, we go on with our full production of high quality stainless steels – forged and finished finely with the implementation of our high-performance machining solutions.

Our Stainless Steel Product Capabilities:

Stainless steel with “Pump Shaft Quality”

Achieving “pump shaft quality” in stainless steels is a sure edge of AGS as it is what is always been sought by large rotating industry customers. Pump shafts is not just same with common steels and are made with ever higher standard set. They are machined and forged into a range of different shapes depending on a pump application. We achieve pump shaft quality with adherence to vibration, strength, and diameter with the application of our centerless grinding solutions.

Bearing Shaft Quality Stainless Steels

Targeting exact ID dimensions in stainless steels to achieve the “bearing shaft quality” for supporting shafts and pivots in auto and aero applications is one of our main goals. Part of it is to make stainless steels perfect for the implementation of essential machining requirements such as grinding and polishing. We could forge bearing shaft quality stainless steels with 32RMS surface finish for a smoother finished round bar. Upon production of bearings, we do take proper installations and maintenance.

High Performing Steel Grades

We can provide different steel grades that differ in strength, element compounds, and properties that fit specific application. Presenting stainless steels in a wide array of grades gives more chances for metalworkers to pave more ways towards advancements in making high strength class of steels. We make sure to provide steels that withstand high-stressed environments such as in aerospace and automotive.

Duplex Stainless Steels

We provide duplex stainless steels to give way for greater mechanical properties and higher strength resistance among steel products in such a low cost! We focus with our work-hardenable steels to surpass regular steels like that of austenite and ferrite steels. Moreover, as a response to eminent request in light weight, high strength and cost-effectiveness, we distribute duplex stainless steels that possess those desired features.

A lot of industries have relied on stainless steel, considering the great convenience they got from such material that includes low cost, recyclability, high strength, and ductility. Not only that, stainless steels are perfect for a wide variety of applications from automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, and to manufacturing.

And so, we strive to make more innovations in our stainless steel production to meet the high demands from our customers without losing our aim to top the standards in steel crafting.

Stainless steel products of variant sizes and grades are available in Advance Grinding Services. If you are looking for this kind of product for your applications, please contact us ..or get our free quote today!

Stainless Steel and Its Machinability


“Metallurgy has gone very innovative in metal engineering to make stainless steel a more machining friendly material.”

Stainless steels have been claimed by a lot of metal workers that are hard to machine. Most stainless steels are made out of austenitic grades like 303. Austenitic grades are prone to difficulties in maintaining a good surface finish.

The addition of sulfur to steels is great contribution to achieving ease in machinability. Sulfur found in stainless steels proves to help break stainless steel chips during the machining process.

Sulfur advantages to stainless steel machinability:

  • reduces friction and extends tool life
  • forms a lubricating layer on top of cutting tool
  • helps break stainless steel chip during machining

Such formula of adding sulfur to stainless steel has even expanded throughout the metalworking industry that gives sudden rise to free machining steel grades such as 303, 416, and 420F.

However, as sulfur helps stainless steel with its machining ability, it also affects its good attributes. It comprises the corrosion resistance of the metal. It begins as the metal is welded and tends to be a crack initiation. But that not really is a big issue in the metalworking industry. Innovative ways had been implemented to enhance the machinability of stainless steels.

In much easier sense, metallurgist come up with different ways to come up with much better machined and finished stainless steels. Engineering formulas are done and so they thought, the implementation of conventional cutting speeds and feeds would perform really good at high speed in high temperature cutting conditions. Aside from the formulation of cutting speeds and addition of sulfur, taking a proper control of other alloying elements including nickel, nitrogen, and carbon contributes to the improvements of steel machinability characteristics.

Below are two of the best key points for the enhancement of stainless steel production and machinability:

  • Maximize

Sulfur levels should be maximized. Though there must have been findings that sulfur still put limitations to stainless steel machining. A lot of ways are innovated for reformulation of stainless steel without sacrificing its good mechanical and physical properties.
  • Be consistent

Consistency is a prime factor in the metalworking industry and an important attribute in machining. Metal workers have been developing methods to bring out the best steel products with such consistency and fine finish. Metal workers allow a variation for customers to choose from.

Metallurgy has never stopped finding ways to come in progress with stainless steel machinability – all for much better production that meet customers’ rigid demands. Moreover, different machining methods are proposed such as the cutting speeds and temperature adjustment. With perfect implementation, no matter how hard a material is to machine, fine results will still be achieved!

Are you looking for stainless steels for your high-performance application? Get our Free Quote now!

Stainless Steel And Its Rising Demand In Various Industries

The great demand of stainless steel continues to rise because of its remarkable properties and features necessary to various applications.

Solid metals are everywhere. Nowadays, the most commonly and widely used metal is stainless steel. The demands of such kind of metal continue to rise due to its excellent features which make it highly applicable to different fields.

What does Stainless Steel Contain?

Stainless Steel is compact with different elements that grant it great qualities. Most steels are made up of chromium, molybdenum, nickel, copper, and titanium. Basically, this special material is a steel alloy with 10.5% chromium content. The chromium plays as a protecting coating to its surface that keeps it away from rust and corrosion. The rest of the elements give it features like durability, formability, ductility, and luster ability. With its great characteristics, human seek to use it for diverse purposes and applications like inventing machines, production of car components, creating tools and utensils, and even building infrastructures.

Its Major Applications

  • Infrastructure The kind of properties that steel has makes it ideal for infrastructures, preferable for building bridges. This kind of metal has its unique strength and ability to last long and to resist corrosion and stress, making it as a perfect model to be a strong foundation for these infrastructures.
  • Architecture Steel plays it significant role in architecture. Tall buildings stand erect and firm with the presence of this metal. This metal is mostly used as a framework or as a solid support for buildings and for roofs. This is for practicality and sophistication. The durability of the metal makes buildings keep their original appearance.
  • Household The vast use of steel is clearly seen in households. From door knobs, to the pipes of the water source, to the ornaments, to the forks and spoons in the dining area, and to the appliances and hardware around you – steel leads the pack! These things cannot be possibly made without the use of this highly in demand metal. What also comes along with it is the sense of a “more convenient and easier living”.
  • Transportation Stainless steel is the top-one used material when it comes to assembling automobiles, rail cars, ships, aircrafts, and spacecrafts. Almost 80% of vehicle parts are made of steel. We can easily notice it in exterior parts and even in interior parts. Traveling to other places is made easy because of the presence of this material. Steels are highly important for manufacturing these vehicle parts to create a best and flawless output!

A Perfect Steel Provider

With the vast number of metal brands offering stainless steel products, one will try to seek for a product that is worth-buying and trustworthy with its qualities. If you are into manufacturing parts for your business, Advance Grinding Services offers you with the standard and fine quality of steel products that leads to an excellent business outcome! That is one ultimate goal here at Advance Grinding Services. It offers a world class precision advancement! Its aim to bring out raw materials to highly standard and excellent steel products perfect for manufacturing parts also grows with the increase in steel demands. Advance Grinding Services is also ISO 9001:2008 certified; you can surely trust and rely on its high class services and products. The company also offers various world class services like centerless grinding, cutting, bar grinding, bar chamfering, etc., which really aid you when it comes to manufacturing your parts. That is how Advance Grinding Services readily rides with the fast-paced world and its various needs. Learn more and find the perfect services that you can only find in Advance Grinding Services, call or contact  us now at 708-442-7100.

Stainless Steel: A Key Material To Aid Human Living

As part of daily living, stainless steel is building its highly significant role to different applications towards making human work easier and faster.

Stainless steel plays a very vital role in human lives. You may think of it as an ordinary material though, its usage is proven to be highly needed in all aspects of living. These metals can be seen anywhere. In house interiors, in the streets, in many facilities, and in several infrastructures, this metal is present not to mention your household utensils and kitchen hardware.

This metal has its properties and characteristics which make it fitting to different applications. Its sudden rise in different fields like architecture, transportation, business, etc. is joined with diverse purposes.

As a common knowledge, stainless steel is a form of a solid property. It is purely metal. What makes it exceptional and far different from other metals is that it is long-lasting and highly resistant to corrosion and staining. Basically, this metal is an alloy of steel with chromium and with other elements like nickel and molybdenum which give it immunity to corrosion and rusting. The chromium serves as its protecting layer, making it a self-healing property.

Other elements are also added to it to give it remarkable qualities. For the enhancement of its structure and other properties, elements like copper and titanium are also added aside from nickel and molybdenum.

Excellent Features

In short, those elements like chromium, nickel, molybdenum, copper, and titanium give this metal with remarkable features such as:

  • attractive appearance
  • durability
  • formability
  • ductility
  • high corrosion resistance

Stainless steel, with its kind of properties, is best applicable for creating various utensils, tools, parts for machines, and any other hardware which are eminently useful in everyday living.


Stainless Steel has basically five major types.

  • Austenitic Stainless Steels – the most commonly used type of steels with 200 to 300 series. These steels are non-magnetic and are highly resistant to corrosion.
  • Ferritic Stainless Steels – are plain chromium stainless steels with 400 series. They are magnetic and have lower corrosion resistance.
  • Martensitic Stainless Steels – are also magnetic steels with 400 and 500 series. They are highly resistant to fatigue and also have higher strength and wear resistance.
  • Precipitation Hardening Stainless Steels – are heat treatable type of steels. They have also the same high corrosion resistance to that of austenitic stainless steels.
  • Duplex Stainless Steels – are steels with high nickel and chromium content. They have greater resistance to stress corrosion than other stainless steels. This type of steels is a mixture of austenitic and ferritic stainless steels.

Great Advantages To Look For

Surely, materials like steels can make work easier and faster. In addition, these materials give rooms for more inventions of machineries, tools, and appliances to aid human living. With the countless ideas that the world offers you when it comes to having the good quality type of steels, you would surely end up confused upon deciding or choosing which the best is!

At Advance Grinding Services, we provide you with the best solutions to your business needs! We assure you with the word “quality”. We take pride on proving the best qualities of our products and services and on establishing our name in the world!

Advance Grinding Services brings you products which are sophisticated in design, excellent and superior in performance, and are cost-effective! It is an ISO certified company; you can surely lay trust on it. Aside from its fine products, it also offers various services that help you in manufacturing your parts more conveniently like centerless grinding, cutting, bar grinding, bar chamfering, and other related services. If you want to learn more about these services and the possible advantages you can get from Advance Grinding Services, call or contact  us now at 708-442-7100.