Stainless Steel: A Key Material To Aid Human Living

As part of daily living, stainless steel is building its highly significant role to different applications towards making human work easier and faster.

Stainless steel plays a very vital role in human lives. You may think of it as an ordinary material though, its usage is proven to be highly needed in all aspects of living. These metals can be seen anywhere. In house interiors, in the streets, in many facilities, and in several infrastructures, this metal is present not to mention your household utensils and kitchen hardware.

This metal has its properties and characteristics which make it fitting to different applications. Its sudden rise in different fields like architecture, transportation, business, etc. is joined with diverse purposes.

As a common knowledge, stainless steel is a form of a solid property. It is purely metal. What makes it exceptional and far different from other metals is that it is long-lasting and highly resistant to corrosion and staining. Basically, this metal is an alloy of steel with chromium and with other elements like nickel and molybdenum which give it immunity to corrosion and rusting. The chromium serves as its protecting layer, making it a self-healing property.

Other elements are also added to it to give it remarkable qualities. For the enhancement of its structure and other properties, elements like copper and titanium are also added aside from nickel and molybdenum.

Excellent Features

In short, those elements like chromium, nickel, molybdenum, copper, and titanium give this metal with remarkable features such as:

  • attractive appearance
  • durability
  • formability
  • ductility
  • high corrosion resistance

Stainless steel, with its kind of properties, is best applicable for creating various utensils, tools, parts for machines, and any other hardware which are eminently useful in everyday living.


Stainless Steel has basically five major types.

  • Austenitic Stainless Steels – the most commonly used type of steels with 200 to 300 series. These steels are non-magnetic and are highly resistant to corrosion.
  • Ferritic Stainless Steels – are plain chromium stainless steels with 400 series. They are magnetic and have lower corrosion resistance.
  • Martensitic Stainless Steels – are also magnetic steels with 400 and 500 series. They are highly resistant to fatigue and also have higher strength and wear resistance.
  • Precipitation Hardening Stainless Steels – are heat treatable type of steels. They have also the same high corrosion resistance to that of austenitic stainless steels.
  • Duplex Stainless Steels – are steels with high nickel and chromium content. They have greater resistance to stress corrosion than other stainless steels. This type of steels is a mixture of austenitic and ferritic stainless steels.

Great Advantages To Look For

Surely, materials like steels can make work easier and faster. In addition, these materials give rooms for more inventions of machineries, tools, and appliances to aid human living. With the countless ideas that the world offers you when it comes to having the good quality type of steels, you would surely end up confused upon deciding or choosing which the best is!

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