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Centerless Grinding Services & Precision Ground Bars

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel bar types are known for their excellent resistance to corrosion and oxidation, resulting in a smooth surface finish. It is worth noting that the chromium content in stainless steel rods, which is about 12%, contributes significantly to their corrosion resistance. However, chromium also improves the ductility, hardness, high strength, workability, and formability of stainless steel.

Alloy Steel

Industries seek alloy steel round bars because of the unique properties of the metals combined with other elements. A reliable supplier can provide the necessary stock for specific industry applications. However, finding a supplier capable of not only providing alloy stainless steel round bar stock but also appropriate grinding and machining services is crucial for acquiring the best forgings.


Compared to other metals, carbon steel round bar stock are incredibly cost-effective. It has a wide range of uses. Plus, it is a long-lasting material because of its high strength and stress resistance. It is frequently used in the construction, piping, and maintenance of modern roadways. There are far more interesting facts about precision ground steel bar supplies. Unlike many other metals, this steel is impervious to rust. 

Tool Steel

Tool steel bar stock is a popular choice for manufacturing industries due to its exceptional combination of hardness, toughness, and wear resistance.It is a type of high-quality carbon or alloy steel that is specifically designed to withstand high stresses and temperatures, making it ideal for use in various cutting tools, dies, and molds. Tool steel round stock is also known for its ability to maintain its shape and hardness even under extreme condition.

Stainless Steel

Alloy Steel

Carbon Steel

Tool Steel


Round Ground Metals in the Midwest


We are a one-stop shop for high-quality centerless grinding services. Among the top round metal distributors in the Midwest, our centerless ground bar stock has met and exceeded all requirements set by our valued partners. From the popular 303 Stainless Steel Bar, to rare Alloy and Aluminum bars, to Medical Grade Steel, we specialize for nearly every industry.

We are trusted and recognized nationally and globally for the production of quality precision ground bars. Additionally, with an extensive in-house stock, and local partners, we ensure competitive pricing, and provide more than reasonable turnaround times.

From grinding to straightening, to cutting, to chamfering, to heat-treating, our advanced machinery allows us to specialize in many ways. Proudly, we are utilized by a variety of industries, and are a valuable partner for their preparation services.

Since 1994, we have delivered on our commitment to quality and efficiency. Our processes and promises have allowed us to develop strong relationships, and loyal clientele.

Medical Steel

Durable and low maintenance steels, while highly resistant to rust and corrosion.

Bearing Shaft Quality

High-quality stainless steel, used for support for a sliding or rotating wheel, shaft, or pivot.

Precision Centerless Grinding Service

Our capabilities in grinding start at .062″ up to 8″ in diameter, 3 feet up to 40 feet in length with a tight tolerance as low as .0001″ and a micro finish as low as 8 rms.