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Centerless Grinding: Achieving Pump Shaft Quality

Pump Shaft Quality Bars (Psq)Achieving pump shaft quality is made possible through centerless grinding operations that can perform grinding tasks in various ways – machining both simple and complex parts for your high-performance applications.

Pump shaft quality is determined by how shafts and bars are turned, ground, and polished to achieve the tightest outside diametrical tolerance and straightness. Now, it is what has always been sought by manufacturers and operators to be used in rotating industries.

450 stainless steel is highly recommended when you are looking for pump shaft quality stainless steel. Pump shaft 450 stainless steel is a high-strength, non-galling metal. It is purposely engineered to be used in severe service applications. If some steels can provide high strength, they lack strength, and vice versa. But pump shaft 450 stainless steel does both. It is compatible with nearly all stainless steel grades, including carbon and alloy steel.

450 Pump shaft quality Applications

450 stainless steel is best applied in pump shaft applications. It is explicitly used as maintenance material and is suitable in highly corrosive environments. 450 steels possess high strength and better machinability, so they stay straight even during machining courses or when put into severe service.

Centerless Grinding for Pump Shaft Quality

Centerless grinding operations are specifically designed for machining camshafts, pump shafts, input shafts, bushings, and pins. This centerless operation can grind different kinds and shapes of materials through profile grinding, in-feed, and through-feed grinding. Grinding can help reduce wear and tear on the shaft while achieving high diametrical tolerances. This helps provide more controlled qualities to the material.

Centerless grinding equipment is made versatile to handle parts machined from a wide variety of grades of both hot-rolled and cold-rolled steels, alloys, and stainless steel. This centerless operation can help achieve the required pump shaft straightness up .005” to bars. Because of its automated application, centerless grinding is highly sought after in shops that run high production volumes. Automation allows a quick process of inserting bars to be ground in the machine and flying them out on the opposite side – along with a consistent surface finish.

Once you receive pump shaft quality bars from Advance Grinding, you can be sure they are machined to the highest quality specifications for tight diameter tolerance and straightness.

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