Common Problems Encountered In The Stainless Steel Cutting Process

It is inevitable that the cutting metal process encounters a lot of trouble.

Time, effort, and efficiency are the main investments in ensuring that the stainless steel bars and rods are of excellent quality.

Accordingly, using appropriate equipment such as an efficient saw cutting machine also plays a big role, with it along with a talented and skilled team to process the stainless steel material.

Yet, there are instances that, despite having the best equipment, things go awry in the stainless steel cutting process.

As such, this article will talk about the most common problems encountered in the stainless steel cutting process either directly dealing with the metal cutting saw, with the actual cutting process, or other factors that might influence the inferior quality of the end stainless steel product, as well as, the best ways to overcome such problems:

Unmatched Strength of Steel and Metal Cutting Saw Machine

The most common problem often overlooked by talented and skilled workers with the steel cutting process is in knowing the capacity of a saw cutting machine vis-à-vis the strength of steel material.

At times, when the capacity is not anticipated by the manufacturing team, problems get in the way, either resulting in damage to the metal cutting saw machine or worse, breakage or heavy deformation of the steel material.

Accordingly, and to avoid damage to either the machine or the steel material, it is necessary to check the capacity of the machine and correspondingly change or fit it with the right blade capable of cutting through the thickest steel material.

It is also possible to check the steel material itself and avoid having to process a thicker type of it which your machine cannot possibly cut through.

Steel Deformation During the Cutting Process

There is no set type of blade for every metal even if its thickness is taken into consideration.

Even if it is said that technology involving metal cutting and processing is constantly innovating, there are instances when the shape, rigidity, and thickness of the stainless steel material are something that a stainless steel cutting saw cannot efficiently handle, despite how advanced the cutting machine may be.

As such, it is important to match the stainless steel metal material’s features to an appropriate metal cutting saw machine.

Metalworking specialists can work with your company’s manufacturing team in order to help design, or perhaps choose the right type of pieces of saw cutting machines.

Beam Inaccuracy

When cutting a stainless steel material, it is important to maintain a consistent path of accurate line in order to cut through the right shape according to industry standards.

Depending on the saw cutting machine you are using, there are times when it does not perform in its optimum condition, resulting in disproportionate cuts and positions.

Accordingly, it is necessary to oil the machine properly to resolve this type of problem.

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With proper identification as to what causes the problem in a stainless steel cutting process, overcoming hiccups along the way will be an easier thing to achieve.

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