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How To Buy The Right Steel Bar

If you opt to purchase steel bars from steel bar distributors, here are tips to follow to get the right steel bar for your applications.

types of steelBefore you proceed to send a quotation of your customizations, there are certain things you have to consider to get the right product fit for your application. 

Steel materials may come in both simple forms and shapes. However, they can easily be complex in terms of the right grade, finish, and condition. 

Some steel bar grades may not suit particular applications. And some may be right for all types of environments. Here are tips to correctly selecting the perfect steel bar:

Steel Bar Usage & Application

Do you require steels for high-performance applications, or for ordinary use only?

Consider the kind of application you have.  Certain steel grades or shapes are for certain environments. The best grades are useful in highly severe environments like aerospace, automotive, marine, chemical processing, and even in medical applications – medical round bars.


Steel Bar Grades & Properties

Do you require your bars to have good strength, display corrosion resistance, and withstand wear?

Steels have different grades, and physical & mechanical properties especially suitable for specific environments. It would be best for manufacturers to know what specific grade you require, like 303L stainless steel, duplex bar, or 17-4PH round bar. Otherwise, you can explain the properties that you desire and certain companies, like Advance Grinding, will advise on what to purchase for the application.

Steel Bar Shape & Sizes

Do certain grades or steely types need to be sized differently than others?

Different grades may have specific requirements for their desired product sizes. Manufacturers have the capability to produce steel bars in various forms and sizes, including austenitic stainless steel, tailored to meet your specific order. To ensure the desired product shape in the grade you need, it is crucial to communicate your preferred shapes to the manufacturer. They will work diligently to provide you with the perfect steel bars for your requirements.

Bar condition

What are the final specifications required of the bar?

Whatever your application is, it is important to know if your steel bar should undergo annealing or normalizing. Other manufacturers may require products to meet certain standards and specifications like ISO 9001:2008 certified, ASTM, or AMS. The best thing about Advance Grinding is that we keep our products to the highest quality with consistent Quality Inspection implemented in every end phase of our operations.


With what method would you like your order to be finished?

Whatever finish you are looking for, bars should fit o specific sections and dimensions. The bars should be free from laminations, imperfect edges, surface flaws, roughness, cracks, and any other defects. Either you look for turned, ground, or polished (TG&P) bars, hot rolled or cold-finished. At Advance Grinding make sure our bars are consistently produced with 0% error while ensuring that they are on their standard weight and length.


Does your application require a specific standard of quality for its application?

Steel bars or any products that you buy should be of high quality, but some applications demand very specific quality. If you are looking for a pump shaft quality or bearing shaft quality in bars, we have them all available for you in a wide range of sizes and lengths.

Primary or Secondary steel

Do you want virgin steel or recycled material?

As you opt for purchasing steel products, you also have to check the type of steel material. In the market, there are two available steel types: primary steel and secondary steel. Primary steel is virgin steel made from iron ore while secondary steel is recyclable steel made from steel/metal scrap. Some old steels are rebarred to be used for other applications.

Length & Quantity

How much of the product do you require?
For us to work on your request, you must include full details of your product requirement from your desired length to the required number of bars. Whether you’re looking for stainless, carbon, alloy, titanium, nickel, or alloy with your desired finish and shapes from bars to tubes, we make sure we give the best quality for all your requirements.

Advance Grinding has the capability for ultra-fast turnaround rates and competitive pricing on any type of round bar. Get a quote today!

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