The Centerless Grinding Advantage Tool Steel

As the request for bar perfection increases, more and more industries turn to the best way to bring about perfect precision and tolerance.


Due to the extent request of different industries and manufacturers for bars with the right precision, diametrical tolerance, and surface finish, centerless grinding advantage and capabilities, with the implementation of CNC machines and automated control systems is in high demand. Bringing bars to their right surface finish and correct tolerance has never been this cost-effective!

Centerless grinding works like magic in transforming deformed workpieces into a whole new, perfect bar in one single pass. This grinding method uses a very abrasive process in cutting away unnecessary parts of the workpiece. It’s held between rolling grinders and comes out of the machine completely ground with consistent straightness and accurate diametrical tolerance.

We heard the demands from different industries and have offered our advantages and capabilities.


Incredible Steel Crafting

The amazing thing about centerless grinding applications is its way of holding the workpiece without centers and getting the desired finish and precision. The method? It’s the use of three-point positioning in which bars are rigidly held between the grinders above the work blade. It takes just a few accurate adjustments to make sure bars are supported within the grinding process. During the abrasive grinding action, excess parts are cut away and bars are ground to achieve that precision roundness, tight diametrical tolerance, and fine polish.

Correcting Surface Errors, Both Small and Large

Eliminating errors in bars is the main priority and the rest will follow. If the challenge is either to grind long round bars or complex parts – our centerless grinding has all the solutions to that. For grinding long round bars, we use through-feed grinding, in which bars are pulled and ground continuously until they are fed all the way through. For complex parts, we opt for plunge grinding or the in-feed method, which allows grinding of the smallest diameters to correct the surface. Abrasive grinding of material is done through a tangential feed of the grinding wheel.

Multifunctional Under One Roof

Centerless grinding, by far, is considered the most multifunctional grinding method of all machining operations. The machines operated are responsible for performing essential machining solutions to utilize and reshape deformed bars. Aside from grinding, this operation can perform turning, cleaning, buffering, and polishing, which other machines can’t do. That is why centerless grinding is better recommended for operators who prefer multiple functions and services with less lead times.

Cost-effective Operation Advance Tool Steel

One centerless grinding advantage is that it does not need much preparation, thereby cutting traditional costs, and it leaves bars fully furnished to their right precision – which is why it’s very cost-effective for operators! Being multifunctional, it can bring all the necessary work in a single pass with consistency in cut, roundness, and diameter tolerance.

We are committed to quality in our machining services and production of products. Quality inspection is consistently laid out at each end phase of our operations. Moreover, we grasp the full understanding of the fundamentals in grinding to make sure we can target specific standards in steel crafting.

Advance Grinding has the capability for ultra-fast turnaround rates and competitive pricing on any type of round bar. Get a quote today!


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