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Our customers continuously depend on our high standards for precision, quality, and service.

AGS Advantages

Our willingness to serving our customers better is proven through investing in new strategies and procedures.

Advance Grinding Services considers itself as a partner of all manufacturers in all areas. We are up on discovering new opportunities with our existing customers. Moreover, our expert team is in continuous pursuit of finding out new prospect industries that we can serve.

Upon this company objective, we have initiated our line and our company and our quality systems have been certified by the ISO 9001:2008 standards.

Quality Control

Advance Grinding Services centers on quality in its every department. It’s on the top of everything we do, from start-up plans up to implementing procedures upon making your quality stand out. Our synchronized procedures best explain the process that is in proper place, from raw materials up to cold and hot finished products. Each of our programs is guided by ISO 9001:2008 quality standards that earned recognition and respect all throughout the world. Well, it not just because of the standards set by the company itself but one thing that makes it become one of the leading suppliers in the world is the assured quality in all its products and excellent performance in all its services. We highly encourage team efforts to constantly improve quality in each product and customer service. What also helps build up our quality commitment in the future is our continuous investment in technology and equipment. We implement constant inspection along with the use of advance technology to ensure all our products and materials can meet your needs.

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On Time

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Advance Grinding Services highly recognizes the different demands of customers with much attention to compressed lead times.

We know that having short lead time brings a positive impact to the value of our products and services and of course, to the company’s reputation itself. We make sure that we can deliver the products and materials that you need – right on time! So we submit ourselves to delivery commitment, each making an effort upon customer satisfaction. Our Delivery Performance is one of the company’s edge to rise in the industry.


To be efficient, competitive, and reliable is what we always strive here in Advance Grinding Services, knowing that our products and services will bring great impact to our future. Thus, we race to provide excellent service and establish commercial long-term relationships with all our valued customers.

Our team are skilled and well-oriented enough to always find new endeavors to meet each criterion set by our customers. Our versatility and flexibility allow our company to set high standards of craftsmanship to various industries such as chemical and mechanical production, mining, power station, oil production, and automotive manufacturing, etc. Our pledge is supported by our reliability and consistency with our Inspection Department. We see to it that we maintain our Standard Quality at all times.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is your typical customer?

Advance Grinding Services’ typical machine-ready customer is a medium to large job shop or machine shop looking to increase productivity on their CNC machines. The customer is looking for a way to load, lock and cut chips without squaring up material prior to final machining. Some of our customers need their parts flat and parallel beyond what they can achieve in house. Our parts show up on their dock with tight-tolerances, flat, square and parallel so they can cut chips immediately with minimal clamp changes.

Advance Grinding Services’s contract machining customers are looking for a way to outsource their overload or looking to place a single PO for machining, processing, plating, painting, etc. We can supply machined parts from material to paint, or anywhere in between. These customers are from many industries including medical devices, semi-conductor, oil tools, food packaging, aerospace, defense, etc. We aren’t a captive shop, so we’ll take a look at almost any job that fits our capabilities.

Q. What is your typical lead time?

Our lead times are based on current shop loads. If we have the material on the floor or you are supplying the material, our machine-ready typically roll off our dock within 5-7 days. If we need to source the material, allow 5 days to process the parts along with the vendor’s lead time. Our lead times vary by day, so please be sure to contact us for your current requirements.

On our contract machining, you can expect lead times to vary as well. Depending on the machine availability, we’ve been able to ship parts in under 4 weeks, but it can be as long as 10 weeks depending on the job. Many of our customers issue blanket orders, allowing us to deliver parts on an as-needed basis. We can produce parts ahead of schedule, hold them in inventory for you, and ship them out the second you need them.

Q. Can you make a prototype part, machined-complete?

Typically, no. We are not equipped to be competitive in making one part at a time. In some cases, however, we make exceptions for large, complex parts. We also may do one piece in conjunction with a follow-up contract order.

If you are looking for one piece on a machine-ready, that’s no problem. In fact, if you are unsure about whether we will save your machining process time and increase production, we’ll typically make a sample for you with your specific dimensional requirements.

Q. Do you ship all over the country?
We are able to read most file-types. If in doubt, send what you have. We’ll let you know if there’s an issue.
Q. Do you ship all over the country?
Yes! Nearly half of our Products end up in shops outside of California. With our negotiated freight rates, you won’t even know that the parts have traveled a few thousand miles. Lead time will naturally increase, as it may take 3-4 days to get to the east coast.

Industries Served & Typical Applications

Grinding Services is up on sourcing and supplying major military hardware manufacturers with the high quality materials that we have.


Advance Grinding Services provides the necessary materials and services for aerospace industries, specifically for aerospace construction and aircraft structure and component. We adhere to the demands from the air industry through our high-quality and innovative metals and alloys. We see to it that the products we produce can pass the stringent standards or criteria as well as quality under extremely high conditions. All these metals involved carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium, alloy steel, nickel, and other lightweight materials that possess good strength and corrosion resistance properties.Variety of part and component applications:


  • Landing gear
  • Booster rockets
  • Forged wing structures


  • Manned spacecraft
  • Critical fasteners and springs
  • Hydraulic tubings


Advance Grinding Services also has a full production of steel and metal products for healthcare, sanitary, and food processing applications. The sudden rise in medical steel demands in medical and surgical operations as well as the fast production of food products gives way for more steel and metals to be produced. Certain steel grades are critically selected and evaluated with their strength and resisting properties against corrosive and high stress environments and conditions like cleansing, sterilization, etc.

Quality Control

Our willingness to serving our customers better is proven through investing in new strategies and procedures.

Advance Grinding Services considers itself as a partner of all manufacturers in all areas. We are up on discovering new opportunities with our existing customers. Moreover, our expert team is in continuous pursuit of finding out new prospect industries that we can serve.

Upon this company objective, we have initiated our line and our company and our quality systems have been certified by the ISO 9001:2008 standards.

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Reliable Service

We work on meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers when it comes to quality in products, manufacturing, and service. We work upon completion with urgency but we ensure accurate results, seeing to it that our customers satisfactorily get what they need, along with an expected condition.

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Highly Flexible

We are up on developing Quality Relationships which can result to continuous improvement in teamwork and communication, both inside the company and with our customers.
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Advanced Search Options

Dedicated to Quality Policy, we are in continuous pursuit of improvements and innovation of strategies and leadership ways to be able to bring out competitive advantage for our valued customers and the company itself.

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Excellent Customer Support

We at Advance Grinding Services work on how to meet and exceed the heavy demand and expectations of our customers. In addition, we see to it that in every we do, we consider quality firsthand. Quality Control Inspection is always implemented at any rate of work in production and operations. We are open for any customer-related services including deliveries and exports of materials across local and global areas. That is how we value much our customers as we aim to let them grow and expand with us!
Why Advance Grinding
Why Advance Grinding Services

Why Advance Grinding Services?

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we boast ourselves on making the most of our resources to provide the finest quality at profitable costs. We earn recognition for our customer experience. In addition, we are known for adapting to our customer’s needs and working on exceeding their expectations.

How Advance Grinding Services Works For You?

01.We hold on to our first responsibility as to provide the finest ways to our valued customers who need our products and services.

02.Working hard is our main philosophy here so you don’t have to anymore. We devote ourselves to what we do, thus we work on producing happy customers and make them come back to us again and again.

03.We have served and supplied different metal products and services in Chicago and Canada and many cities in the United States. Our various products and services offered can be seen on our website or you may call our customer service staff. 

04.We jive along with the fast-paced technology and so, we also stick to modern systems and strategies. The information and the product and service that you have been looking for are right at the tip of your fingers – it’s just a click-away process! Just make a phone call or fill out our online quotation. We see to it that we can target our specific market with an effort to keep us in touch with the dynamic changes in the marketing environment. 

05.We see to it that we can treat people the way they love to. It has been on our routine to work on emails received daily from our valued customers. Advance Grinding Services takes pride to all of its great information and services offered to customers. 

06.Our products and services are intended for growing our customers business.