Supplies and Machining Services All In One

When a lot of big manufacturing industries have come up with new projects, the demand for steel supplies and other machining services has ascended to higher number.

Machining_ServicesThe increasing number of projects from recognized large industries like automotive, aviation, mechanical, marine, and chemical processing has put suppliers in a tight pressure of being able to source necessary materials with high quality at stipulated time .

When it comes to sourcing materials and finding the best operation for your application, it is important that they passed certain standards in terms of mechanical properties and desired performance characteristics. If you wanted to get fine consistency in the materials and operations you opt for, finding one solid partner is the ideal way. By choosing one company to source all your required materials and machining operations, even the critical tasks can be attainable.

Quality Product and Result

What customers always look for is quality in whatever product or service they require. But the quality can only be guaranteed with the level of experience, expertise, and efficiency. This is why we keep quality on top of our goals. We make sure we don’t only supply materials, but provide the necessary operation to complete all our customer’s rigid requirements.

Advance Grinding Services, Inc. has been in this kind of industry for a long span of years and our experience to the machining world has built trust among our wide variety of industries and customers we served. The high quality materials we source include stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, tool steel, titanium, aluminum, medical steel, brass, copper, & bronze, nickel, and high temperature alloys.

Steelcraft by Experts

We got expert engineers and skilled staff to work on your requirement. With years of experience and skill, our staff can provide our different customers with the necessary machining operations such as centerless grinding, bar straightening, chrome plating, bar stock cutting, turning, chamfering, polishing, and OD grinding.

We work extensively on meeting metalworking standards and doing the required processes to meet the competitive quotations and tight timelines. Inspection quality is implemented always at each phase of all our operations. Advance Grinding Services, Inc. considers itself to be your all in one supplier of steels and provider of different machining services.

If you require materials from steel to high quality bars or machining operation for your next project, shoot a quote today!