Precision Ground Bars

Advance Grinding Services runs a wide distribution of different metal products and materials to almost all locations in the United States.

Precision ground bar stock and a centerless ground bar can be produced and molded from a variety of metal materials in diverse sizes and shapes. For such a reason, sourcing for the appropriate precision ground bar stock material as well as precision grinding services according to your respective industry specifications can lead to an absolute nightmare. Sourcing for the appropriate metal material and the appropriate grinding services should not be that difficult and time-consuming! To help you acquire the right centerless ground bar or precision ground bar stock material you need,

Advance Grinding Services is here to assist you with every step of the way. Being one of the top metal distributors in the Midwest, Advance Grinding Services assures you that we will effectively reduce the lead time and appropriately provide the right metal material according to your specifications.

We provide for nearly every business industry so you can guarantee that we will definitely have the stock as well as the type of precision grinding services the material may need. Whether it is aluminum, brass, copper, bronze, or stainless steel material, we guarantee that we have it all. With our extensive in-house ground bar stocks in their highest quality, there is no other provider that can absolutely do better than us! Let’s not also forget that we can shape and grind your metal material through our excellent precision grinding or centerless grinding services.

Our staff can turn carbon steel or perhaps, titanium alloy into rods or bars with appropriate dimensions and tolerances through our precision and centerless grinding services. When precision and accuracy are necessary, our team will definitely apply the appropriate grinding solution for it.

Infographic of Centerless Grinding

Browse and take a look at the following metal materials we have and allow Advance Grinding Services to appropriately shape and grind it according to your specifications!

Carbon Steel Round Bar Stock

We offer our wide range of carbon steel products that vary from sizes and grades – all suited for any kind of application.

Carbon steel is an iron-carbon alloy often used in creating automobile body parts and components as well as the production of structural beams for skyscrapers. This unique type of steel has a high concentration of carbon giving its legendary strength and toughness which is definitely beneficial in the construction industry. Moreover, its stronger and harder quality than stainless steel is the reason why it’s a great material in creating cutting tools as such qualities enable it to cut through tough workpieces with greater ease. Furthermore, it’s relatively low cost as compared to other types of steel! As such, industries in need of carbon steel must ensure to partner with a steel supplier capable of providing the best carbon steel round bar stock. Advance Grinding Services, a carbon steel round bar supplier, offers and accommodates carbon steel round bars and precision ground bar stock in a variety of profiles, diameters, and even finishes.  We can absolutely cater to your production needs, may it be large industrial orders of carbon steel round bars to single items. Additionally, our carbon steel round bar stock is offered and machined according to your grinding needs through our precision grinding services. Through our efficient precision grinding services, we can grind that round bar into accurate dimensions and tolerances according to your specifications. For more information and advice regarding the size, grade, and finish of a carbon steel bar suitable to you, call us or request a quote from Advance Grinding Services, the best carbon steel round bar supplier in Bedford Park, Illinois today!

Alloy Steel Precision Ground Bar Stock

We stock a wide array of medical steel ranging from grades and shapes that passed stringent surgical criteria.

Heavy gears and roller bearings, steel fasteners, or as heating elements for toaster ovens and electric heaters, are few examples as to where alloy steel is popularly used. Alloy steel is that type of steel alloyed with several elements such as manganese, nickel, molybdenum, silicon, and boron. Depending on the type of elements alloyed together, the resulting steel will have varied strength, hardness, and wear resistance which is why alloy steel is categorized into low and high alloy steel. However, most industries acquire alloy steel round bar stock that has the characteristics of tough strength and hardness which cannot normally be found in regular carbon steel. As such, those specific characteristics along with its economical cost and wide availability make alloy steel the workhorses of industries making demands of alloy steel round bar stock higher and better than any other steel.  Due to the high demand for alloy steel, this motivated companies from different industries to be even more meticulous about their alloy steel round bar supplier. Here at Advance Grinding Services, we surely will provide the highest quality of alloy steel round bars for you. As a great alloy steel round bar supplier, we assure you that you will not only get the best quality of alloy steel round bar stocks but also excellent grinding services such as our precision grinding services. For all your alloy steel round bar and precision grinding services and other related needs, make sure that Advance Grinding Services is the one you go to!

Aluminum Precision Ground Bar Stock

We stock an extensive line of aluminum materials that are known for its remarkable low density and high corrosion resistance.

Aluminum is the most abundant metallic element on Earth and is described as soft and malleable. This metallic element is the material mostly used in creating your everyday household items such as your kitchen utensils, tin cans, foils, and even your window frames. This type of metallic element when it emerges from metal shaping processes out from accurate centerless grinding services from metal manufacturers is considered to have an excellent strength-to-weight ratio making it not only an essential material in creating household items but also a substantial material in architecture and engineering. As such, companies scramble to find the right aluminum round bar supplier that fits their standards to provide them with excellent qualities of aluminum round bar stock. Recognizing also the fact that aluminum is available in different grades and has to undergo a number of rigorous mechanical testing and processes, partnering with a reliable aluminum round bar supplier that can also provide quality centerless grinding services might be a necessity. At Advance Grinding Services, we can assure you that we can provide your aluminum round bar needs with our extensive aluminum round bar stock not just of round bars but also tubing in varying grades and sizes. Moreover, excellent aluminum round bars is not the only thing we can offer as we also provide appropriate grinding service such as our centerless grinding services to shape and achieve the necessary diameters and tolerances. For all your aluminum and grinding needs, Advance Grinding Services can absolutely provide it for you!

Titanium Alloy Round Bar Stock

We supply titaniums that display high strength and resistance, especially to salt water and chlorine.

Titanium alloy is a rich alloy consisting primarily of pure titanium but mixed with various metals or chemical elements properly distributed all throughout. With its ability to easily get incorporated with other metals and the excellent quality after such a mixture, a lot of titanium grades are created to appropriately suit different applications. To date, there are six grades of titanium alloy that are acknowledged but the most commonly used is the Ti-6AL-4V. Known to most companies as “Titanium Grade 5”, it is considered to be the workhorse among the different titanium grades as it is commonly sought from a titanium alloy round bar supplier. Keeping up with its nickname as the workhorse among titanium grades, it is named such because of its popularity across different industries. You can almost always expect companies from the medical, aerospace, marine, and chemical processing industries to acquire a titanium alloy round bar stock as much as they can. Although a lot of suppliers can provide a titanium alloy round bar stock to any company that needs it, there are only a few ones that can provide high-quality stocks but at the same time provide other excellent services. Services that deal with precise machining and producing a titanium centerless ground bar. At Advance Grinding Services, an excellent titanium alloy round bar supplier, we provide more than just high-quality titanium round bars. With us, we can turn a round bar into precision or centerless ground bar showing excellence also when it comes to machining services.

Copper, Brass, and Bronze

Pump Shaft Quality (PSQ) indicates tuned, polished, and ground shafting used in the rotary industries.

Tool Steel Round Bar Stock

We offer tool steels that are highly suited for manufacturing tools with their distinctive hardness and other excellent features.

This variety of carbon and alloy steel is well-matched for tool manufacturing processes for various purposes. In fact, this type of steel is traditionally used to make tools where strength, toughness, and hardness are essential for the specific application it is set to be used. Tool steel is typically used in heat-treated conditions providing increased hardness and toughness. Due to such characteristics the tool steel possesses, they are sought by companies from various industries usually in tool steel round bar stock. This is further the case if high-volume tools are to be produced by a specific company. Since most industries still have to heat-treat their tool steel round bar stock, most companies would want to deal with a tool steel round bar supplier that is also capable of also providing heat treatments and grinding solutions for tool steels. As such, companies have a hard time finding a well-rounded tool steel round bar supplier that does not only provides high-quality tool steel but also excellent heating, centerless grinding services, and other related processes. Here at Advance Grinding Services, a versatile tool steel round bar supplier in Bedford Park, Illinois, we can provide you with both excellent quality tool steel stock and appropriate  centerless grinding services. With us, we will supply you with tool steel highly suited for your industry’s applications with the distinct specifications you require. We also do various machining operations befitting the applications your company intends to do. For all your tool steel needs head down to Advance Grinding Services today!