Precision Ground Bars

Advance Grinding Services distributes metal products and materials to almost every state in the United States.

The centerless ground bar stock can be produced from many metal materials in different sizes and shapes. In such a caseit can be a nightmare to source precision ground materials and grinding services on your respective industry specifications. Sourcing for the proper metal material and the appropriate grinding services should not be that difficult and time-consuming! To help you acquire the right centerless ground bar or precision ground bar stock material you need.

Advance Grinding Services is here to assist you every step of the way. Providing metal material to requirements as close to your specifications, Advance Grinding Services is among the top metal distributors in the Midwest.

You can be sure we will have the grinding services and stock needed for any industry. Whether it is aluminum, brass, copper, bronze, or stainless steel material, we guarantee that we have it all. With our extensive in-house ground bar stocks of their highest quality, no other provider can do better than us! Let’s not also forget that we can shape and grind your metal material through our excellent precision grinding or centerless grinding services.

Our staff can turn carbon steel or, perhaps, titanium alloy into rods or bars with appropriate dimensions and tolerances through our precision and centerless grinding services. When precision and accuracy are necessary, our team will apply the proper grinding solution for it.

Infographic of Centerless Grinding

See the following metal materials and request that Advance Grinding Services shape and grind them as necessary!

Carbon Steel Round Bar Stock

We offer our wide range of carbon steel products that vary in sizes and grades – all suited for any application.

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It is an iron-carbon alloy that is frequently used for automobile body parts and structural beams in skyscrapers. It is a unique type of steel because it has a high percentage of carbon, which provides it with legendary strength and toughness. In additionit has a more important and more challenging quality than stainless steel, allowing it to cut through tough workpieces with greater ease. Furthermore, it is relatively cheap. Due to this, industries needing carbon steel must partner with a supplier.  Advance Grinding Services offers various carbon steel shapes, diameters, and finishes. Our carbon steel round bars can be ordered in any quantity.

We also offer carbon steel round bar stock and precision grinder services to meet your needs for grinding. Our efficient precision grinding services can grind that round bar into accurate dimensions and tolerances according to your specifications. We are your best source for carbon steel bar sizes, grades, and finishes in Bedford Park, Illinois. Contact us today for more information and advice.

Alloy Steel Precision Ground Bar Stock

We stock a wide array of medical steel ranging from grades and shapes that passed stringent surgical criteria.

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Steel fasteners, gears, and roller bearings are a few of the many applications of alloy steel. Manganese, nickel, molybdenum, silicon, and boron are alloying elements in alloy steel. Steels can be classified by their alloying elements. However, most industries acquire alloy steel round bar stock because of its strict strength and hardness. The specific characteristics, economical cost, and availability of alloy steel round bar stock make it a preferred material for industries.  The high demand for alloy steel prompted various sectors to be more careful about their round bar suppliers. Here at Advance Grinding Services, we surely will provide the highest quality of alloy steel round bars for you. Here are some of our excellent services, such as our precision grinding service. Advance Grinding Services provides alloy steel round bar and precision grinding services, and other related services.

Aluminum Precision Ground Bar Stock

We stock an extensive line of aluminum materials known for their remarkable low density and high corrosion resistance.

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Metals, in general, are soft and malleable, which are characteristics of aluminum. Materials like tin cans, foils, kitchen utensils, and window frames usually contain this metallic element. The metallic element, when it emerges from a metal forming process, is inaccurate centerless grinding services. Known for its outstanding strength-to-weight ratio, it has a significant role in architectural and engineering applications.  Thus, companies search for a supplier who can meet their quality standards and provide them with aluminum round bars. Recognizing that aluminum is available in different grades and has to undergo some rigorous mechanical testing and processes, partnering with a reliable aluminum round bar supplier that can also provide quality centerless grinding services might be necessary. With our extensive inventory of aluminum round bars, Advance Grinding Services offers an array of sizes and grades.

Moreover, excellent aluminum round bars are not the only thing we can offer. We also provide appropriate grinding services, such as our centerless grinding services, to shape and achieve the necessary diameters and tolerances. For all your aluminum and grinding needs, Advance Grinding Services can provide it for you!

Titanium Alloy Round Bar Stock

We supply titaniums that display high strength and resistance, especially to saltwater and chlorine.

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Titanium alloys also contain other metals and chemical elements. Many applications are possible with their versatility and quality. Titanium alloys come in six grades, but Ti-6AL-4V is the most common. In general, titanium alloy round bar supplier sells it as “Titanium Grade 5”.   Workhorse titanium is popular in different industries. The company may also offer titanium centerless ground bars at the same time as precision machining and round titanium products. Advanced Grinding Services supplies more than just high-quality titanium alloy round bars. We can also turn the around bar into a precision or centerless ground bar, showing our excellence in machining.

Copper, Brass, and Bronze

Pump Shaft Quality (PSQ) indicates tuned, polished, and ground shafting used in the rotary industries.

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Tool Steel Round Bar Stock

The tool steels we offer exhibit distinctive hardness and other characteristics.

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Steels work well as tools. Strong, hard, and tough devices are desirable. Heated tool steels are hard and tough. Steel for tools has these characteristics. Consider producing a high volume. A majority of companies prefer heat-treated and ground round tools steel. Therefore, finding a supplier who offers not only high-quality tool steel but also excellent heating can be challenging centerless grinding services, related processes.   Here at Advance Grinding Services, a versatile supplier of tool steel round bars in Bedford Park, Illinois, we can provide you with both excellent quality tool steel stock and appropriate centerless grinding services. Your tool steel will be tailored to your specific industry requirements at an affordable price. We also do various machining operations befitting the applications your company intends to do. For all your tool steel needs, head down to Advance Grinding Services today!