4340 steel

A low-alloy steel known among industries for its toughness, the 4340 Alloy Steel bar stock is highly used in construction.

4340 steel bar stock

This nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy steel is primarily used across industries also because of its ability to achieve high strengths in heat-treated conditions.

In fact, this type of alloy 4340 steel bar is able to maintain its great fatigue and wear resistance and is even immune to embrittlement.

As such, industries ensure that they acquire a 4340 alloy steel bar stock to be used in applications where its features are proven to be most useful.

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4340 steel is a high-quality alloy that is often used in producing gears. It has excellent resistance to wear and corrosion. 4340 steel is an alloy with a high percentage of chromium, making it a good material for resisting corrosion and wear. This makes it the perfect material for parts that need to last a long time, like gears and other components in machinery.

4340 alloy steel is Chromium-Molybdenum-Vanadium alloy steel. It has a yield strength of about 70,000 psi and tensile strength of about 100,000 psi. 4340 is an excellent choice for parts that need heat-treated or machined in the as-forged condition. Also, 4340 alloy is a low-carbon steel containing nickel, chromium, copper, and molybdenum as girding agents.

A 4340 alloy steel bar and its strongest feature which is its toughness and hardness, is also known to have good shock and impact resistance as well as abrasion resistance.

Moreover, its good ductility allows it to be easily bent and formed allowing industries to unanimously choose a 4340 alloy steel bar to create parts and components that have to be heavily machined under stressful conditions.


Density0.284 lb/in³
Melting Point2600℉
Tensile Strength108000 psi
Yield Strength68200 psi
Hardness (Brinell)217
Hardness (Knoop)240
Hardness (Rockwell B)95
Hardness (Vickers)228
Elastic Modulus27557-30458 psi
Phosphorus0.025 max


With how easy it is to machine a 4340 alloy steel in several customary methods, the aerospace and aircraft manufacturing and automotive industries definitely choose it as their material to manufacture essential parts and components.

For the aerospace and aircraft manufacturing industry, a 4340 alloy steel round bar is truly essential in creating parts and components involving its landing gear systems. On the other hand, the automotive industry uses a 4340 alloy steel round bar stock to create transmission gear parts.

4340 steel round bar is a low-carbon, high-strength steel used in structural applications. It is a low-carbon, high-strength steel used in structural applications. It has good strength and toughness properties at elevated temperatures and has been used for aircraft parts for years because of its excellent fatigue resistance.

4340 alloy is a low-carbon steel containing nickel, chromium, copper, and molybdenum as strengthening agents. 4340 round bar has good weldability, providing higher strength than 4140 alloy steel. Also, It has applications in industrial machinery parts such as gears, shafts, and axles. It also has applications in automotive components such as crankshafts and connecting rods.

4340 steel is a low-carbon steel alloy that is very sensitive to heat and becomes malleable at a lower temperature than most other steels. 4340 alloy steel bar applications include precision ground shafts, gears, and pulleys. This type of steel has excellent mechanical properties such as high tensile strength, good wear resistance, and toughness. 4340 round bar is often used for parts that require these qualities, like gears or axles.

4340 round bar has a wide range of applications and benefits. It is prevalent because it is tough, durable, and has good corrosion resistance. 4340 round bar can be used in many different applications. The most common use of it is in heavy-duty truck frames and axles.

Not only that, but it also has a lot of other uses, such as:

-Coupling rods for locomotive engines

-Automotive crankshafts

-Truck cylinder heads

-Brake drums for heavy trucks

It is a tough, strong, and versatile steel. It can be used to construct large machinery and equipment that requires high tensile strength. The 4340 alloy steel bar is often used to build large machinery and equipment that need high tensile strength. This steel has a low carbon content, making it more resistant to corrosion than other steels.

If you are a company which belongs in either aircraft manufacturing or automotive industry and in need of 4340 alloy steel round bar in your various applications, make sure to partner with a supplier capable of only producing high-quality alloy steel products.

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