8620 steel

The 8620 steel round bar stock is a steel with controlled proportions chromium, nickel, and molybdenum which are responsible for its valuable features allowing it to be extensively used in various applications.​

8620 steel round bar stock

Its nickel content provides it with good ductility and toughness while its chromium and molybdenum components improve its wear resistance and hardness penetration.

Due to its good combination of components and its ability to be easily processed, an 8620 steel round bar stock is an ideal material for the production of medium strength machine parts.

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8620 steel bar is the most common and popular steel grade for making bars. The 8620 bar stock has a tensile strength of 86,200 psi. It is also very malleable and has a good machinability 8620 bar stock can be used for many different purposes. It can be used to make axles, gears, shafts, screws, bolts, other fasteners, etc.

This section will talk about the benefits of 8620 bar stock. This type of steel is made of manganese, nickel, and chromium, making it a very durable metal. It has a very high strength-to-weight ratio and can be used in various applications such as automotive parts, structural beams, gears, and more!

8620 Steel Round Bar is low carbon steel with a high strength-to-weight ratio. This steel has excellent machinability and weldability. It is also resistant to atmospheric and general corrosion, making it an ideal choice for projects requiring long-term use in corrosive environments. The 8620 bar stock is used in structural supports, axles, gears, shafts, and couplings.

The 8620 steel round bar is widely used in the market. It can be used in various industries, such as automotive, construction, manufacturing, and more. Also, the 8620 round bar has some advantages over other steel bars. 

1) 8620 round bar is easier to machine than other bars due to its low hardness.

2) The 8620 round bar is more accessible to weld than other bars because of its low carbon content.

3) The 8620 round bar has a good balance between strength and toughness.

Characterized by a hard outer case with a soft ductile core, the 8620 alloy steel is highly wear resistant. As such, it is characterized to be flexible during hardening treatments, has good machinability, and responds well to polishing. Moreover, this type of alloy steel can be further surface hardened by nitriding but will not respond satisfactorily to induction hardening due to its low carbon content.


Density0.282 lb/in³
Tensile Strength76900 psi
Yield Strength55800 psi
Elastic Modulus27557-30458 ksi
Hardness (Brinell)149
Hardness (Knoop)169
Hardness (Rockwell B)80
Hardness (Vickers)155
Phosphorus0.040 max
Sulfur0.040 max


With its hard outer core and soft, ductile inner core, the 8620 alloy steel has excellent machinability allowing it to be an ideal material in the manufacture of medium strength parts and components. Such parts and components include gears, forged camshafts, or chain pins. Consequently, the most common form it takes and to which industries commonly acquire it is in the form of 8620 alloy steel round bar stock.

8620 steel bar is a steel grade widely used in the construction industry. It has a high carbon content, making it strong and durable for general use. The 8620 steel round bar can be used for structural purposes, such as beams and columns, or public purposes like fence posts or tool handles. It is known to be easy to weld and cut with ordinary tools, making it an excellent choice for many applications.

8620 steel round bar is a type of steel often used in the construction industry. It is a high-strength, low alloy steel which is readily weldable and machinable.

This type of steel has many applications, such as:

– Structural members for buildings and bridges

– Railings for staircases and balconies

– Machine bases for milling machines

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