Alloy Steel

We supply alloy steel that is easy to forge and exhibit great wear resistance and tough strength.

Alloy steel has been widely used for forgings because of its tougher strength and wears resistance compared to carbon steel forgings. They are iron-based alloys that are mixed and alloyed with various elements in range of 1.00 to 50.0% to enhance their physical properties. What determines the physical properties and strength of the metal is the combination of elements and alloys that are forged together.

To achieve increased strength, toughness and resistance, forged alloy steel is made by heat treating.

Advance Grinding Services extends its inventory of forged alloy steel such as 4140 Alloy Bars, 8620 Alloy Bars, Alloy Steel Round Bars, Alloy Round Bars, etc.

We offer high-quality alloy steels with increased tolerances and strength.

If you need a supply of carbon steel round bars and other grades and forms, just CALL US!

Alloy Steel Aircraft Propeller

Aircraft Alloy Steel

Aircraft Alloy Steel are highly intended for important stressed parts and components in aerospace industry.

Aluminum Round Bar Manufacturing

Alloy Steel Grades

Alloy Steel grades are carefully selected and evaluated to fit exact applications specified for their exhibited mechanical properties.