Copper, Brass, and Bronze

We stock Copper, Brass, and Bronze for manufacturing parts and components in various construction industries.

At Advance Grinding Services, we open our wide inventory of these “Red metals” specializing in round bars and tubing. These three alloys are available in varying lengths, widths, sizes, forms, and grades.

Brass – Metal made out of combined copper and zinc; has low-friction applications.

Copper – Known for its high-level ductility and electrical conductivity.

Bronze – Metal made out of combined tin and copper; known for versatility and toughness.

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Brass Round Bars


Advance Grinding Services maintains its supply of brass round bars that possess high machinability for specific applications.

Bronze Ship Propeller


We supply bronze round bars that are widely used for ship and boat fittings, submerged bearings, propellers, and also for electrical equipment.

Copper Wire interior of electrical cord


Copper Round Bars possessing heat and electrical conductivity, ductility, and malleability are significant to ranging industrial applications.