Aluminum Rounds vs Brass

Bar Stock Suppliers can have properties depending on the amount of zinc and copper. due to the extensive range of variances in the alloy.

brass round bar stock has desirable properties, including high strength, ductility, corrosion resistance, and machinability.

Brass can have properties depending on the amount of zinc and copper. Because of the extensive range of variances in the alloy, Brass’s properties are in demand.


Because of their wide range of advantageous features, brasses are in high demand across many industries, as seen by the wide range of commercially accessible brass stocks.

Before you utilize Brass in any of your projects, here are some fantastic info you should know:

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Besides copper and zinc, there are other non-ferrous metals in the alloy. It’s only logical that the alloy is also resistant to oxidation corrosion when they are joined. Despite brass’ tendency to tarnish, its performance and durability are unaffected.

Clean and safe

In single-celled organisms, the copper molecules in Brass can produce ions that attack and kill a specific type of protein. These properties make Brass and other copper-based metals ideal for water filtration and sanitation systems.


As opposed to pure copper and bronze, Brass Round Bar Stockhas a striking visual appeal. There are several reasons why people use it to decorate their homes, including its natural color is quite similar to gold.

brass bar suppliers Common Types and Grades

There are about 60 different types of Brass in total. There are three types of Brass: copper-zinc Brass, tin brass, and lead Brass. These three groups make it easier to remember which  Brass you’ve got. All of these brass types are called “Brass.”

Are you ordering Brass from your favorite bar stock suppliers? Before you do that, check out the common six types of Brass found all over the place.

Copper-zinc Brass

Copper and Brass work well together. Copper can be brought back to its original color if it is well-sealed. Meanwhile, Brass bar stock metal is used in many things, including jewelry. Brass is a metal that is used in both industrial and consumer goods.

Tin Brass

Tinned Tin Brass is a type of Brass. You can use this to make jewelry. Also, it is made of copper, zinc, and tin and is used to make jewelry. Admiralty brass, navy brass, and free-machining Brass are all alloys that fall into this group.

Lead Brass

Brass that has been mixed with lead is used to make copper-based screw machine material. They are effortless to work with, have a lot of strength, and are resistant to corrosion. To make Brass more machinable and pressure-tight, you can add lead. This will seal the shrinkage pores during the manufacturing process.

Alpha Brass

In terms of weight, Alpha brass bar stock metal has a zinc content of less than 37% by weight, which is low. When it comes to machine parts, these brasses are very common.

Beta Brass

Beta brasses are more than 45 percent zinc and can only be used at very high temperatures. As a result, they aren’t suitable for everyday use. Due to their higher melting point, they are more potent than other brasses. They aren’t as malleable as other brasses, but they are more powerful than other brasses.

Alpha-beta Brass

Alpha-beta brass is used in many different things, like gas appliances and hinges. When they are exposed to freezing temperatures, they become hard and ductile.

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