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High Carbon Round Stock

High Carbon Round Stock is the most notable quality in its long-term usefulness. Because of its strength and shock resistance.

Compared to other metals, carbon steel round bar stock are incredibly cost-effective. It has a wide range of uses. Plus, it is a long-lasting material because of its high strength and stress resistance. It is frequently used in the construction, piping, and maintenance of modern roadways.

There are far more interesting facts about precision ground steel bar supplies. Read them all below!

Advantages of High Carbon Round Stock

Unlike many other metals, this steel is impervious to rust. When working with this steel, you can rest assured that you are doing so safely. Find out more of why carbon precision ground bar stock is beneficial when you use it;

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Long-lasting Carbon Round Stock

Carbon steel’s most notable quality is its long-term usefulness. Because of its strength and shock resistance, it is an excellent choice for building projects. Buildings made of steel are more resistant to natural calamities like earthquakes and tornadoes than those made of wood or concrete.


Unlike other metals, carbon precision ground steel bar has a long shelf life. It is also so easy to recycle. It is environmentally friendly. Thus, it is a renewable resource.

Common types and grades of carbon steel round bar stock

Carbon steels are classified as high, medium, low, or very low carbon. Complexity increases the difficulty of manufacturing higher-carbon steels. Here is a list of the carbon precision ground bar stock categories;

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Low or mild Content carbon steels

It contains 0.05-0.25% carbon and 0.4-0.45% manganese. Known as low-alloy steel, mild carbon steel is a cheap, pliable metal. Carburizing can double the surface hardness of low-carbon steels.

Medium Content carbon steel round bar stock

Its manganese content ranges from 0.60-1.65% based on the variety. Medium carbon steel is ductile, strong, and resistant to wear. It has numerous uses.

High Content Carbon steel Round Bar Stock

High carbon steel has 0.55 to 0.95 percent carbon and 0.30 to 0.90 percent manganese. It is robust and retains its shape well, making it ideal for springs and wire applications.

Very high content carbon content steels

Very high carbon steel has a carbon content of 0.96 to 2.0%. It is vital due to the high carbon content. Due to the fragility of this grade, it should be handled with care.

The more carbon a substance contains, the more difficult it is to work with. A reduced carbon percentage makes low-carbon steels preferable for manufacturing. What type of carbon precision grind steel bar do you need now?

Choose Advance Grinding Precision Ground Bar Stock

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