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86L20 Bar

Maximize Performance and Longevity with the 86L20 Bar

86L20 Carbon Steel Round Bar:

Get Unbeatable Strength and Wear Resistance with the 86L20 bar

carbon steel round bar

A type of carbon steel round bar known as 86L20 bar is frequently utilized in the manufacturing of machinery and equipment due to its exceptional strength, toughness, and wear resistance. The 86L20 steel has high levels of nickel, chromium, and molybdenum, making it ideal for use in high-stress applications such as gears, axles, and heavy-duty shafts. 

The 86L20 bar is also known for its excellent hardenability, making it suitable for heat treatment processes such as annealing and tempering, which can enhance its mechanical properties further. Overall, the 86L20 steel round bar is a versatile and durable material that can be used in a wide range of industrial applications.

Carbon steel is one of the most typical kinds of steel. It is frequently utilized in the production of industrial components as well as automobile componentry. Carbon round bar is also employed in manufacturing tools and other equipment types used in many industries such as building, farming, and mining. Also, you can get several carbon steel to round steel bar suppliers with perfect quality. 

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Stronger, Tougher, and More Durable: The 86L20 Steel

If you’re in the market for a steel bar with exceptional machinability and surface treatment capability, look no further than 86L20 cold drawn steel bar. This low carbon, nickel-chromium-molybdenum steel is enriched with lead, making it an ideal choice for parts that require higher production or more machining prior to carburizing or surface treatment. At Advance Grinding Services, we stock a wide range of diameters and shapes of 86l20 steel cold drawn to meet the diverse needs of various industries.

Thanks to its superior machinability and surface treatment capability, 86L20 steel bar is a popular choice for a wide range of applications. This steel grade is commonly used in the production of pinions, gears, crankshafts, and other parts that require high production and extensive machining prior to carburizing or surface treatment. 

With 86L20 steel bar, you can achieve high-quality parts that meet your specifications and exceed expectations.

When it comes to 86l20 bar choose AGS!

Why Choose Advance Grinding Services for Your 86L20 steel Cold Drawn Steel Bar Needs? Advance Grinding Services is a reliable supplier of high-quality cold drawn steel bars, including 86L20 bar cold drawn. 

With years of experience in the industry, we have the expertise to provide you with the right steel bar for your specific needs. Our extensive inventory and flexible production capabilities enable us to meet your exact specifications, and our commitment to quality ensures that you receive the best possible product. Contact us today to learn more about our 86L20 steel and other steel products.

AGS can provide you not just cold-rolled carbon steel bar stock, but also a range of services, like centerless grinding and other finishing services. You can contact us for affordable prices and quality. We are open to national delivery and global exports of products that are necessary for any manufacturing process. Request a quote for carbon steel round bars today!

Learn more than just the 86l20 Bar

With carbon steel harder and stronger than stainless steel, it is the perfect material to be used in creating cutting tools and large machine parts. However, one can’t just simply pick up a carbon steel round bar stock and have it readily machined for a specific purpose. The entire carbon steel round bar stock must be rigorously evaluated to determine their exact properties to fit and be appropriately used for specific applications.

Advance Grinding Services, a reputable carbon steel round bars supplier, ensure that we evaluate our stocks thoroughly and pull out the appropriate one befitting the client’s intended applications. After the rigorous evaluation, we machine and appropriately grind carbon steel to acquire certain carbon steel round bar stock and turn them either into cold-rolled steel bars or precision ground steel bars. 

As such, the hardness of your carbon steel depends on the machining and grinding processes and turn carbon steel rods either into cold-rolled steel bars or precision ground steel bars. Here at Advance Grinding Services, we provide the appropriate milling and grinding processes, however, there are only certain carbon steel grades we offer and the most commonly sought are 1018 and 1045. We also stock 1144 and 1144 carbon steel rods which are stress-proof and other grades include 1117, 11L17, 1214, 12L14, and 1215, which are fatigue-proof and can be achieved through cold rolling.

For a complete list of carbon steel grades that we offer, take a look at this table:
1018 Steel Round Barmild (low carbon) steel, strong and ductile, has good weldability propertiescrimping, bending, swaging, worms, pins, gears, dowels, tool holders, machine parts, pinions, ratchets, etc.
1020 Round Barsuitable for surface hardening, can be case machined, hardened, and weldedhydraulic shafts, motor shafts, pump shafts, machinery parts
1030 Carbon Steel Barshigh carbon steel, has moderate hardness and strength, machineable, ductilemachinery parts, used in the tempered and quenched condition for strength
1035 Carbon Steel Round Barsmedium-carbon engineering steel, suitable for induction hardening and flameused for forged parts, links, gears, couplings, forged shafts and axles
1040 Carbon Steel Rodsgood strength, wear resistance, and toughness, machineableforged couplings, and crankshafts
1045 Steel Round Barmedium carbon steel, can be forged satisfactorily, most common shafting steelinduction hardening applications, medium strength parts, shafts for pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders
1050 Carbon Steel Round Barsplain carbon steel, readily welded and machinedforged shafts and gears
1060 Carbon Steel Rodsstandard grade carbon steelused for forged applications
1065 Carbon Steel Alloyhigh-carbon steel, has high tensile strength, heat treatableblades, and cutlery
1144 Carbon Steel Round Barsstress proof – equivalent steel, a higher-strength alloy than A36 and 1018, has improved ductilityused for parts requiring mechanical properties obtained by heat treating
11L14 Carbon Steel Rodsfree machining steel has enhanced machinability, stronger than 1018used for forged applications
12L14 Carbon Steel Alloyfree machining steel has enhanced machinability, stronger than 1018screw machines, couplings, inserts, bushings, and hydraulic hose fittings

Carbon steel round bars are available in cold drawn or hot rolled conditions.

Other Carbon Steel Round Bars

Based on the amount of the carbon content in the steel, there are 4 carbon steels classifications:

  1. Mild and low – These steels contain 0.16 – 0.29% carbon content. The alloys come at a relatively low cost, making them the most common form of steel. They offer material properties which are acceptable for various applications. They are neither ductile nor brittle, but they are malleable. Carburizing can increase its surface hardness.
  2. Medium carbon steel – These steels contain approximately 0.30 – 0.59% carbon content. They have excellent wear resistance and can balance strength and ductility. These steels are used in forging and for automotive and large industrial components.
  3. High carbon steel – They contain approximately 0.6 – 0.99% carbon content. The alloy has excellent strength. Therefore, they are used for high-strength wires and springs.
  4. Ultra-high carbon steel – These steels contain 1 – 2% carbon content. They are commonly used for specialized products like axles, knives, or punches simply because you can increase their hardness.
Carbon Steel GradeFinish
1008 / 1010Cold Rolled
1008 / 1010Ground
1008 / 1010Turned, Ground, & Polished
1015Cold Rolled
1018Cold Rolled
1018Hot Rolled
1018Rough Turned
1018Turned, Ground & Polished
1045Cold Rolled
1045Hot Rolled
1045Turned, Ground & Polished
1050Turned, Ground & Polished
1095Cold Rolled
1095Hot Rolled
1095Turned, Ground & Polished
1117Cold Rolled
1117Hot Rolled
11L17Cold Rolled
1141Cold Rolled
1141Hot Rolled
1141Rough Turned
1141Turned, Ground & Polished
1144Cold Rolled
1144Hot Rolled


Carbon Steel Grade Finish
1141 Rough Turned
1144 Turned, Ground & Polished
12L14 Cold Rolled
12L14 Ground
12L14 Turned, Ground & Polished
12L14 Ground
12L14 Turned, Ground & Polished
1215 Cold Rolled
1215 Turned, Ground & Polished
1215 Cold Rolled
A36 Cold Rolled
A36 Ground
A36 Hot Rolled
ETD150 Cold Rolled
ETD150 Turned, Ground & Polished
Fatigue Proof Cold Rolled
Fatigue Proof Ground
Fatigue Proof Hot Rolled
Fatigue Proof Pickled and Oiled
Fatigue Proof Turned, Ground & Polished
Stress Proof Cold Rolled
Stress Proof Ground
Stress Proof Hot Rolled
A286 Mill Finish
A514 Mill Finish
A516 Mill Finish
C276 Hot Rolled

Advance Grinding Services stocks products that have a wide variety of applications in infrastructure, ships, tools, pipe buildings, automobiles, machines, and appliances, etc. We supply carbon steel bar stock and carbon steel rod stock with a high standard and quantity to meet your desired requirements. With local partners and in-house material, we offer competitive prices and fast turnaround rates. Request A Quote Today!