C693 Brass

c693 brass bar stock is specifically designed to machine the same rate as machining brass, mostly because the material is lead-free.​

C693 Brass Bar Stock

A C-693 copper and brass round bar stock is a lead-free and corrosion-resistant replacement to the regular brass 360. C-693 copper and brass bar stock is specifically designed to machine the same rate as machining brass, mostly because the material is lead-free. 

Which makes C-693 copper and brass bar stock the perfect metal you would want to use when applying this to things like PEX fittings, automotive parts, ball valves, stop valves, electric and electronic equipment parts, and as well as commercial or residential water faucet parts. The removal of lead and other harmful materials like bismuth and arsenic makes this grade of metal compliant with state laws that restrict the use of lead in plumbing, making it overall safer for the environment.

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High quality and Cost-affordable brass bar stock material

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As such, it is now understandable why this type of alloy steel is sought after getting a quick review of its components.

Consequently, its high machinability is highlighted as it is commonly combined with sulfur to further improve its machinability and make carburizing processes more effective.

With its excellent machinability, this even elevated this alloy steel’s prominence among industries.

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Tensile Strength95000 psi
Yield Strength60200 psi
Hardness (Brinell)197
Hardness (Knoop)219
Hardness (Rockwell)92
Hardness (Vickers)207


With excellent toughness, high fatigue strength, and outstanding machinability, c693 has indeed become a staple for most industries in the Midwest.

A c693 brass bar is a type of brass used in place of copper. It can be used for many applications, such as plumbing, heating, and electrical wiring. Also, the c693 brass bar is a type of steel made from iron and other alloys. The brass bar is used to produce certain types of screws, nails, and bolts.

The c693 brass bar is a good choice for many reasons. C693 is a type of brass that has a high level of corrosion resistance, and it is also non-magnetic. The c693 has a higher tensile strength than other types of brass, so it can be used in more demanding applications.

The c693 brass bar also has excellent weldability and machinability. It can be easily cut, drilled, tapped, and machined to meet specific needs. The brass bar also has good formability and malleability, making it easy to work with the material when shaping it into different shapes or designs.

The c693 brass is a popular and durable material for constructing bars. It is a type of brass made from copper and zinc, making it more stable than other types of brass.

It has been used in many bars worldwide because it has a shiny, golden color that looks great in any setting. It also looks great when polished to make it shine even more, which can be done with some simple cleaning products.

Whatever industry you are from, rest assured that Advance Grinding Services can provide you with a c693 round bar stock for all your specific industry applications.

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