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Copper Bar Stock

Forge ahead with copper bar stock – The ideal metalworking material.

Copper bar stock - Durable, malleable, and endlessly versatile.

Copper bar stock is an economical and practical material widely used in electricity production due to its superior electrical and thermal conductivity. It is an indispensable component for wiring and heating elements that require high conductivity.

The outstanding conductivity of copper also makes it an ideal choice for high-end electronics. As such, copper round bar stock is a popular building material across various industries.

Apart from its conductivity, copper steel bar offers various advantages, including improving precious metals’ elasticity, flexibility, hardness, color, and corrosion resistance.

Using copper precision ground bar stock provides even more benefits, such as increased durability, machinability, and dimensional accuracy, making it an ideal material for manufacturing intricate components.

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Advantages of using Solid Copper Bar Stock

Amazing heat resistance properties of solid copper steel bar

Copper wire’s resistance to heat is an additional major asset. It is helpful in appliances that require reliable corrosion protection. On the other hand, it is an excellent conductor of heat.


This material can tolerate high tensile stress. This causes the substance to separate into two distinct pieces. Copper wires are created by stretching the material into a fine wire.

Extremely electrically conductivE

Extremely electrically conductive When it comes to precious metals, it is just second to silver in popularity. This type of device is frequently employed in and alongside machinery to ensure a safe and stable electrical connection.

Excellent corrosion resistance of solid copper bar

When this is coupled with its strong corrosion-resistance, the risk of degradation and failure is significantly reduced. In terms of connectivity, this assures a long-term robust relationship and stability. It also reduces the need for costly and repeated replacements, which is good news for places with tight budgets.

Malleable Solid copper bar stock

The malleability of the copper precision ground steel bar is excellent. As a result, it can be pounded, rolled into sheets, or bent in any way without breaking. Thick wires in electrical installations go through molding and twisting to suit the available area precisely.

Common types and grades

Bar Stock

The following information will help you determine which type of copper round bar to buy from a reputable copper round bar provider; be sure to review it. Learn the differences between the various copper Copper Precision Ground Bar Stock grades.

Pure metal Copper steel bar

There are no more than 0.7% by weight of contaminants in pure Copper. From C10100 to C13000, copper grades are economic purity. Its essential qualities can be altered by adding minor alloying metals to dilute Copper.

Free-machining Copper

These copper alloys are free to process and made more machinable by adding sulfur and telluride. Just 0.5 percent of the final product contains any of these ingredients. For copper steel bar need to have sulfur and telluride to be categorized as free-machining Copper.

Electrolysis Copper

The copper cathode must first be purified electrolytically to make electrolytic rigid pitch copper. One of the most prevalent types of copper bar stock is the 1100 round bar stock.

Oxygen-free Copper

Oxygen-free Premium cathode copper go though induction melting with powdered graphite—meanwhile, hydrogen protective reducing atmospheres in nonoxidizing conditions to produce Copper C10100 and C10200.

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