Exceptional Aluminum Round Bar Stock

Aluminum round bar stock is the leading material in the aviation industry and makes up almost 75% of an aircraft structure and composition.​

Aluminum Round Bar Stock

Aluminum round bar stock has high heat and corrosion resistance, high strength, and accepts coatings and paints.

These features are required in aerospace and automotive construction, which usually undergo many extreme conditions. This alloy has microscopic oxide coating on its surface which prevents it from oxidizing quickly in the air. 

This kind of super alloy is widely used due to its excellent features, like corrosion resistance and malleability. It primarily has a role in various industries like transportation, medical, aerospace, construction, and general manufacturing.

Aluminum is a metal that is rather abundant as it is the third most common element comprising 8% of the earth’s crust. The versatility of Aluminum makes this metal the most sought-after steel.

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Aluminum Grades

Aluminum round bar stock grades undergo rigorous mechanical testing to determine the heating condition and environment they are suitable at. Aluminum Alloy bar stock metal has an extensive range of varying grades that have different properties used for many different applications. Advance Grinding Services has a continuous production of aluminum alloy centerless ground bar stock products in varying grades to meet the requirements set by customers locally and globally. 

Pure aluminum is ductile, soft, corrosion-resistant with high electrical conductivity. Application wise, you’ll find that this material is widely used for engineering metals, foil, conductor cables, and other applications that are in need of a material that requires having superior steel with good strength to weight ratio.

Advance Grinding Services offers an extensive stock of aluminum products in round bars and tubing, varying in grades and sizes.

1100pure aluminum; readily stamped, spun, forged, and drawnused for architectural, industrial, and home uses
2014precipitation hardening alloy; has good strength after heat treatmenttruck frames, aircraft structure
2024high strength, age hardening aluminum alloyaircraft structures, truck wheels, screw machine products, orthopedic braces and equipment, scientific instruments
2219age-hardenable aluminumused for applications at elevated temperatures
5083non-treatable alloy; has good corrosion resistanceused for welding, unfired pressure vessels, drilling rigs, transportation equipment, TV towers, missile component, marine
5086high strength structural alloy; non-heat-treatablemissile components, transportation equipment, drilling rigs, TV towers, welded pressure vessels
6061heat treatable aluminum alloyused for heavy-duty structures, marine and truck components, furniture, railroad cars, tank fittings, furniture, wire products, pipelines
6063extrusion alloy; heat treatablefurniture, stair rails, windows, pipe railing
7049forging alloy; heat treatable; stress corrosion cracking resistantstructural forgings, missile and aircraft industries
7050heat treatable; has high strength and toughnessaircraft and other structure
7075heat treatable; has good properties at low temperaturesused in aircraft and other aerospace applications
7079high-strength alloysuited for highly stressed parts especially in the aircraft industry
7175has high strength; heat treatable; has combined strength and toughnessmachined fittings in the aircraft industry
7475offers fracture toughness and strengthused in a fighter, transport, and commercial airplane

Aluminum Round Bars

Our factories stock a wide array of aluminum round bar stock metal products in various sizes, lengths, and weights to fit any use in any specification. Our aluminum round bar plays a vital role in a great many industries such as aerospace for aircraft construction and components, automotive, chemical processing, oil and gas, marine construction, and other manufacturing and industrial sectors.


0.0150 lbs/ft0.022323 kg/m0.180 lbs0.08154 kg1/8 inches0.125 inches3.175 mm
0.034 lbs/ft0.0505988 kg/m0.406 lbs0.183918 kg3/16 inches0.1875 inches4.7625 mm
0.0460 lbs/ft0.0684572 kg/m0.552 lbs0.250056 kg7/32 inches0.2188 inches5.55752 mm
0.060 lbs/ft0.089292 kg/m0.721 lbs0.326613 kg1/4 inches0.25 inches6.35 mm
0.076 lbs/ft0.1131032 kg/m0.913 lbs0.413589 kg9/32 inches0.2813 inches7.14502 mm
0.094 lbs/ft0.1398908 kg/m1.127 lbs0.510531 kg5/16 inches0.313 inches7.9502 mm
0.135 lbs/ft0.200907 kg/m1.622 lbs0.734766 kg3/8 inches0.375 inches9.525 mm
0.1590 lbs/ft0.2366238 kg/m1.904 lbs0.862512 kg13/32 inches0.406 inches10.3124 mm
0.184 lbs/ft0.2738288 kg/m2.208 lbs1.000224 kg7/16 inches0.438 inches11.1252 mm
0.211 lbs/ft0.3140102 kg/m2.535 lbs1.148355 kg15/32 inches0.4688 inches11.90752 mm
0.24 lbs/ft0.357168 kg/m2.884 lbs1.306452 kg1/2 inches0.5 inches12.7 mm
0.271 lbs/ft0.4033022 kg/m3.256 lbs1.474968 kg17/32 inches0.5313 inches13.49502 mm
0.304 lbs/ft0.4524128 kg/m3.650 lbs1.65345 kg9/16 inches0.563 inches14.3002 mm
0.339 lbs/ft0.5044998 kg/m4.067 lbs1.842351 kg19/32 inches0.594 inches15.0876 mm
0.376 lbs/ft0.5595632 kg/m4.506 lbs2.041218 kg5/8 inches0.625 inches15.875 mm
0.454 lbs/ft0.6756428 kg/m5.453 lbs2.470209 kg11/16 inches0.688 inches17.4752 mm
0.541 lbs/ft0.8051162 kg/m6.489 lbs2.939517 kg3/4 inches0.75 inches19.05 mm
0.6350 lbs/ft0.945007 kg/m7.616 lbs3.450048 kg13/16 inches0.813 inches20.6502 mm
0.736 lbs/ft1.0953152 kg/m8.832 lbs4.000896 kg7/8 inches0.875 inches22.225 mm
0.845 lbs/ft1.257529 kg/m10.14 lbs4.59342 kg15/16 inches0.938 inches23.8252 mm
11.776 lbs/ft17.5250432 kg/m141.3 lbs64.0089 kg3 1/2 inches3.5 inches88.9 mm
1.0850 lbs/ft1.614697 kg/m13.020 lbs5.89806 kg1 1/16 inches1.063 inches27.0002 mm
1.217 lbs/ft1.8111394 kg/m14.60 lbs6.6138 kg1 1/8 inches1.125 inches28.575 mm
1.356 lbs/ft2.0179992 kg/m16.27 lbs7.37031 kg1 3/16 inches1.188 inches30.1752 mm
1.502 lbs/ft2.2352764 kg/m18.03 lbs8.16759 kg1 1/4 inches1.25 inches31.75 mm
1.656 lbs/ft2.4644592 kg/m19.87 lbs9.00111 kg1 5/16 inches1.313 inches33.3502 mm
1.818 lbs/ft2.7055476 kg/m21.81 lbs9.87993 kg1 3/8 inches1.375 inches34.925 mm
1.986 lbs/ft2.9555652 kg/m23.84 lbs10.79952 kg1 7/16 inches1.438 inches36.5252 mm
2.163 lbs/ft3.2189766 kg/m25.96 lbs11.75988 kg1 1/2 inches1.5 inches38.1 mm
2.347 lbs/ft3.4928054 kg/m28.16 lbs12.75648 kg1 9/16 inches1.563 inches39.7002 mm
2.539 lbs/ft3.7785398 kg/m30.46 lbs13.79838 kg1 5/8 inches1.625 inches41.275 mm
2.944 lbs/ft4.3812608 kg/m35.33 lbs16.00449 kg1 3/4 inches1.75 inches44.45 mm
3.38 lbs/ft5.030116 kg/m40.56 lbs18.37368 kg1 7/8 inches1.875 inches47.625 mm
3.845 lbs/ft5.722129 kg/m46.14 lbs20.90142 kg2 inches2 inches50.8 mm
4.341 lbs/ft6.4602762 kg/m52.09 lbs23.59677 kg2 1/8 inches2.063 inches52.4002 mm
4.867 lbs/ft7.2430694 kg/m58.40 lbs26.4552 kg2 1/4 inches2.25 inches57.15 mm
5.422 lbs/ft8.0690204 kg/m65.07 lbs29.47671 kg2 3/8 inches2.375 inches60.325 mm
6.008 lbs/ft8.9411056 kg/m72.10 lbs32.6613 kg2 1/2 inches2.5 inches63.5 mm
7.270 lbs/ft10.819214 kg/m87.24 lbs39.51972 kg2 3/4 inches2.75 inches69.85 mm
8.652 lbs/ft12.8759064 kg/m103.8 lbs47.0214 kg3 inches3 inches76.2 mm
9.388 lbs/ft13.9712216 kg/m112.7 lbs51.0531 kg3 1/8 inches3.125 inches79.375 mm
10.154 lbs/ft15.1111828 kg/m121.8 lbs55.1754 kg3 1/4 inches3.25 inches82.55 mm

Aluminum Steel Bars

When aluminum round bar stock is alloyed with steel, the result creates a super-strong material that challenges even the best titanium alloys.

Aluminum steel bars are superalloys that are mainly used in aircraft construction because of their low density and lightweight properties. They have excellent properties that are perfect for many industrial and construction applications, including:

Like aluminum, it has mechanical properties such as low density, lightweight, hardness, and great resistance to a wide range of extreme temperatures. This material in question makes for a good reflector of both visible light and heat making it the ideal material for thermal rescue blankets, architectural insulation, and light fittings that is non-toxic. Aluminum steel bars are easy to fabricate and weld with their ease in machinability features.

We have aluminum centerless ground steel bar stock that is cut to the desired size and with high tolerance and excellent properties to fit any kind of specific application.