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Nickel And High Temperature Alloys

Nickel and High-Temperature Alloys

are greatly applied for environments requiring high heat and/0r corrosion resistance.

Nickel alloys are as good as metals like aluminum, iron, and titanium. These metals are utilized for components and parts that must withstand severe environments. Nickel alloys are greatly ideal for components used for piping systems, pumps, process equipment, valves, turbines, oil and gas, military and aircraft equipment.
A lot of industries and products, including transportation, power generation, aerospace, and chemical processing greatly rely on nickel alloys for their value and strength.
Advance Grinding Services runs a distribution of an extensive range of Nickel and High Temperature Alloys

Steel Purchaser

If you are in need of nickel alloys for any of your requirements for your manufacturing processes, please call or CONTACT US.

Monel Bar

Advance Grinding Services stocks Monel bar which is one of the super nickel alloys primarily used in the oil, marine, and oil processing industries.

Nickel Alloy

Nickel alloy contains properties that are suited for applications where great corrosion resistance and heat resistance are required.

Custom 450

Custom 450 Round Bars are age-hardenable martensitic stainless steels which display excellent resistance to corrosion.


Hastelloy is a kind of nickel-based alloy that has combined of fabricality, oxidation resistance, and high-temperature strength.

Inconel Bar

Inconel bars are super alloys that are applicable in nuclear, aerospace, chemical processing, petrochemical, and marine industries.