Hastelloy is a kind of nickel-based alloy that has combined fabricability, oxidation resistance, and high-temperature strength.

Advance Grinding Services includes Hastelloy in its inventory of Nickel and High-Temperature alloys having a variety of applications in different manufacturing and construction industries like aerospace, chemical processing, military equipment, etc. This is a kind of a nickel alloy can also be made out of varying grades depending on their use specifications. This is a material of choice in a wide range of equipment with its high resistance against corrosion in an extremely acidic and oxidizing environment.

This nickel-alloy is widely used in the chemical processing industries. What paves its sudden growth and appearance in the industry is the increasing need for reliable alloy performance in the areas of oil and gas and pharmaceutical, geothermal, and solar energy.

Hastelloy C has strong resisting properties in extreme heat; has high strength; oxidation resistant heat-treating equipment, combustion chambers, aircraft and jets, pump valves, pipe connections
Hastelloy W solid-solution strengthened; can be produced plates; nickel-based used for welding dissimilar alloys
Hastelloy C27 wrought corrosion-resistant alloy; corrosion-resistant desulfurization of flue gas equipment and chemical process equipment
Hastelloy X offers good strength; oxidation resistant; nickel-chromium-iron molybdenum metallurgical industry; jet components; chemical process industry
Hastelloy N high-temperature nickel alloy; oxidation resistant; readily fabricated ideal for high-heat applications, equipment used with fluoride salts, extreme heat uses
Hastelloy B2 wrought nickel-molybdenum alloy; resistant to temperatures and concentrations of hydrochloric acid used in welded condition
Hastelloy S nickel-based, high heat alloy; has high-heat mechanical properties; has excellent thermal stability used in high-temperature parts