Nickel Alloy

Nickel alloys contain properties that are suited for applications where great corrosion resistance and heat resistance are required.

Nickel alloy earns a high track record of demands from various industries with its unique mechanical properties perfect for engineering and industrial applications. This type of alloy has the ability to withstand corrosive environments, constant wear, and high temperatures. This alloy is considered as one of the toughest structural materials and a good electricity-conductor. Materials made out of these alloys offer the most advantageous properties vital especially for aerospace applications.

Advance Grinding Services stocks nickel alloy bars or nickel-chromium base alloys that are designed for resisting failures committed by other metals across high temperatures by scaling and through strength loss. Nickel alloy bars are known to have superior resistance to both corrosion and heat and also low thermal expansion properties.

In an environment where corrosion resistance is important, molybdenum served as an alloying addition in nickel alloy. Properties found in nickels are highly useful in industries that are requiring parts and components to retain stability. They also have the have the ability in resisting corrosion across high levels of temperatures. These special alloys earn high recognition to be highly used in varying industries like power generation, aerospace, automotive, chemical processing, food processing, as well as in pulp and paper. Nickel alloy has its group of trade name specifications including Hastelloy, nicrofer, Incoloy, nicrom, Inconel, and nimonic.