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Stainless Steel Bar

Upgrade your project’s durability with stainless steel bar types

Stainless Steel Bar Types - Low maintenance, High-Reward Investment

The stainless steel round bar has excellent characteristics allowing it to be widely useful in various applications.

Stainless steel bar types are known for their excellent resistance to corrosion and oxidation, resulting in a smooth surface finish. It is worth noting that the chromium content in stainless steel rods, which is about 12%, contributes significantly to their corrosion resistance. However, chromium also improves the ductility, hardness, high strength, workability, and formability of stainless steel.

In addition, stainless steel rods are low-cost as they are 100% recyclable and recoverable. As a result, many industries take advantage of this and use stainless steel round bar stock that is transformed into hot-rolled bars, cold-rolled bars, cold-rolled steel bars, or precision-ground steel bars in almost all areas of their businesses.

Stainless steel round bar stock can be used in various applications, which is why it undergoes various metalworking operations such as centerless grinding, saw cutting, turning, and more. Advance Grinding Services understands the demand for supplies of stainless steel round bars from a wide range of industries. This is why we always strive to provide high-quality bars intended for various applications.

Stainless Steel Round Bar Purchaser

Advance Grinding Services caters to a wide range of companies from various industries, such as automotive, medicine, aircraft, construction, oil, and chemical processing, and military equipment.

We constantly strive to improve in every way possible and become the most reliable supplier of stainless steel round bars in the Midwest.

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Stainless Steel ROUND Bars

Stainless Steel Round Bar Stock

Stainless steel bar types are an excellent choice when it comes to durability and reliability. They are highly resistant to corrosion, rust, and staining, making them ideal for use in harsh environments and outdoor applications. Stainless steels also have excellent strength and flexibility, which allows them to withstand heavy loads and stress. 

They are versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications. They come in various sizes, shapes, and grades, which allows them to be customized for specific project needs. This flexibility, combined with their durability and reliability, makes then a popular choice in many industries.

Stainless steel bar stocks are also a great option for those looking for a sustainable solution. They are 100% recyclable, which reduces waste and conserves natural resources. Their long lifespan also means that they require fewer replacements, reducing the overall environmental impact.

In addition to their durability and sustainability, stainless steel rods have an attractive and modern appearance, making them a popular choice for architectural and decorative applications. They can be polished to a high shine or given a brushed finish for a more subtle look. This aesthetic appeal, combined with their strength and reliability, makes stainless steel a versatile and practical choice for a wide range of projects.

Stainless Steel Grades

Stainless steel rods are available in a variety of grades, each with unique properties and applications. The choice of stainless steel rod grade depends on the specific needs of the project.

The most commonly used stainless steel grade for rods is 304, which offers excellent corrosion resistance and is suitable for use in various applications such as construction, food processing, and medical equipment. For applications in marine environments or exposure to corrosive substances like saltwater, 316 stainless steel rods are preferred as it offers higher corrosion resistance. 

Meanwhile, 410 stainless steel rods are commonly used in manufacturing fasteners, valves, and pump parts for its good corrosion resistance and high strength. 

416 stainless steel rods are ideal for applications that require high machinability and corrosion resistance. 

For high-wear applications such as knife blades and bearings, 440C stainless steel types are preferred for its high strength and hardness. Lastly, 17-4 PH stainless steel rods are commonly used in aerospace, chemical, and petrochemical industries for its excellent corrosion resistance. 

It is important to consider factors such as corrosion resistance, strength, and machinability when selecting a stainless steel rod grade, and consulting with a knowledgeable supplier or engineer can ensure the appropriate grade is selected for the project.

Below is a list of the grades of Stainless Steel that Advance Grinding offers.

Stainless round Bar Grades in Stock

303 Round BarAusteniticCold only/ non-magnetica good machinable austenitic with its additional sulphur content. less corrosion resistant than 303 and 316nuts, bolts, gears, etc.
304 Round BarAusteniticCold only/ non-magneticmore suitable for complex forms than 301kitchen appliances & sinks, truck trailers, architectural paneling, food processing equipment – milk brewing, wine making, beer brewing
316 Round BarAusteniticCold only/ non-magneticmost expensive austenitic, has better corrosion resistance with its additional molybdenum contentpharmaceuticals, food preparation, architectural, marine applications, chemical containers, medical implants
316/316LAusteniticCold only/ non-magneticextra low carbon grade of 316marine applications, stainless steel watches, reactor pressure vessels, water reactors
321AusteniticCold only/ non-magnetichas higher stress and creep rupture properties than 304boiler and pressure vessels
347AusteniticCold only/ non-magnetichas good creep strength and oxidation resistance, but low-temperature toughnessfood processing, waste heat recovery, chemical processing, petroleum refining, pharmaceutical production
410MartensiticThermal hardening/ magneticlow cost, most widely used stainless martensitic steel, softer and more machinable than 416 or 420nuts, screws, bolts, car parts, bushings, industrial products
420MartensiticThermal hardening/ magnetichigh carbon version and harder than 410cutlery and knife blades, surgical instruments, medium quality tools
430FerriticThermal hardening/ magneticdecorative, has good formability but reduced corrosion and temperature resistanceautomotive trim
440CFerriticThermal hardening/ magnetichas greater amount of carbon, has the toughest strength in 440 variantsknife making
440FFerriticThermal hardening/ magneticfree machining variant has high carbon contentareas requiring non-galling, non-seizing, and high hardness values
446FerriticElevated Temperaturemost oxidation resistantboiler parts, burners, injector nozzles, thermocouple protectors, flame rods, glass bonding parts

17-4PH – Precipitation Hardening Steel

17-4PH stainless steel round bar is an age-hardening steel that has combined hardness and high strength with good resistance to corrosion.

303 Stainless Steel Round Bar

With a robust track record, we boast our in-house stock of 303 Stainless Steel Round Bars for your various machining operations.

416 Stainless Steel Cond T Round Bar

416 stainless steel condition T round is a free-machining variation of stainless steel, used in many various industry applications.

Duplex Stainless Steel Bar

Duplex Stainless Steel Bars are types of stainless steel grades that have great mechanical properties and high corrosion resistance.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel grades differ in the property and element compounds found in each which enable them to be used in multiple applications.

Stainless Steel

We stock stainless steel products including stainless steel rods made from various grades and stainless steel types.