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15 5ph

Learn the benefits and uses of 15 5ph stainless steel round bars in various industries. 

all you need to know about 15 5ph

The high strength the benefits and uses of 15 5ph stainless steel in various industries bar, also known as 15 5 round bar, is a type of martensitic precipitation-hardening steel. It contains approximately 15% chromium and 5% nickel, which provide it with excellent corrosion resistance, high hardness, and exceptional strength.

By subjecting the 15 5 ph stainless steel bar to a single low-temperature heat treatment, its overall transverse toughness and ductility can be further improved, as well as its forgeability and mechanical properties within larger cross-sections.

It can be machined in various thermal conditions and is commonly used in applications such as aerospace structural components, valves, gears and shafts, nuclear reactor components, and oil and gas components. Advance Grinding is a reliable supplier of this steel.

The chemical composition of the 15 5 ph stainless steel bar includes manganese (1.00 max), sulfur (0.030 max), silicon (1.00 max), chromium (14.00 – 15.50), nickel (3.50 – 5.50), carbon (0.07 max), copper (2.50 – 4.50), phosphorus (0.040 max), and columbium plus tantalum (0.15 – 0.45).

This versatile metal is a cost-effective and corrosion-resistant option that can be used for various purposes. It is commonly used in the construction industry to create durable beams and to reinforce concrete structures. With its high tensile strength, 15 5 ph stainless steel bar is a popular choice among manufacturers.

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15 5 ph stainless steel is a versatile material with many beneficial properties, making it a staple in Midwest industries. It has excellent toughness, high fatigue strength, and outstanding machinability. The automotive industry uses it to create engine gears, bolts, nuts, and crankshafts. Meanwhile, the oil and gas industry utilizes it to develop spindles, couplings, and other mechanical parts.

The 15 5 round bar is highly durable and rust-free, which makes it an ideal choice for commercial kitchens. It is easy to clean and comes in various sizes and lengths, making it suitable for any application, whether you need something small or large. Due to its corrosion resistance, wear, tear, and scratches, it is an excellent choice for heavy use in food-related establishments.

One popular size of the 15 5 round bar is a type with a diameter of 5 inches and a height of 1.5 inches. It is commonly used in the construction, engineering, manufacturing, and automotive sectors. This type of stainless steel bar is versatile and can make various products such as structural parts, rods, wire forms, fixtures, and fittings.

Moreover, the 15 5 round bar is an attractive and popular choice for commercial kitchens, restaurants, and other food-related establishments. It can be used for stirring, grating, mixing, and other food preparation. Additionally, it can withstand high temperatures without melting, making it ideal for use in the food industry.

In summary, the 15 5 ph stainless steel bar is a high-quality, versatile, and durable material widely used in many industries. Its corrosion resistance, wear, tear, and scratches , and its ability to withstand high temperatures make it an excellent choice for heavy use in food-related establishments.

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As such, it is now understandable why this type of alloy steel is sought after getting a quick review of its components.

Consequently, its high machinability is highlighted as it is commonly combined with sulfur to further improve its machinability and make carburizing processes more effective.

With its excellent machinability, this even elevated this alloy steel’s prominence among industries.

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Tensile Strength95000 psi
Yield Strength60200 psi
Hardness (Brinell)197
Hardness (Knoop)219
Hardness (Rockwell)92
Hardness (Vickers)207


It’s worth noting that while 15 5ph steel suppliers are commonly found in construction supply stores, they can also be purchased online or through catalogs, making them easily accessible to customers worldwide.

However, with many 15 5 ph stainless steel suppliers in the market, finding the best one is challenging. You can trust Advance Grinding to provide top-tier products that meet your specific industry applications.

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