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41L40/41L42 Alloy

41L40/41L42 ALLOY​

41L40/41L42 Alloy bar stock are grades that are capable of strength and wear resistance as this is a free-machining version of Chromium-Molybdenum which in turn gives it excellent toughness and ductility allowing it the ability to resist stress and creep at prolonged high temperatures.

The addition of a small amount of lead to 41L40/41L42 Alloy bar stock chemistry and its cold drawing will increase its average machinability rating to 86%. The common applications of 41L40/41L42 Alloy round bar stock include drill collars, kelly bars, bolts, couplings, subs, rotary table shafting, oil well tool joints, reamer bodies, sprockets, trailer axles, spindles, chain links, zinc die casting dies and much more but this does not mean that you should be using this in applications that are over 400deg F. elevated temperatures as it may cause lower ductility in leaded grades.

This Alloy is a worthwhile investment as it eliminates the need for heat-treating and any possible secondary operations such as cleaning, straightening, and grinding. This steel is commonly used for shafts, axles, gear, pinions, and so much more. Application-wise, it is a great metal that can be used in fine machine sections as it doesn’t easily warp during final hardening.

Advance Grinding has the right kind of steel that you need to help you keep up with your business or latest venture. Our 41L40/41L42 alloy round bar stock is the perfect metal for forging things that carbon steel cannot provide.

Steel Purchaser

If you want to acquire the best metal forged in the industry, then you’ll be happy to know that Advance Grinding can provide you with just that. We understand the value of supplying our clients with quality metal, which is precisely why you should trust us, to supply you with high-quality metals. Contact us today so that you can get a quote on the alloy that you need.