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9310 Alloy

Duplex Stainless Steel is a nickel-chrome-molybdenum that has good strength and toughness properties. Contact us today.

9310 Alloy duplex stainless steel

9310 duplex stainless steel is a nickel-chrome-molybdenum that has good strength and toughness properties.

Because 9130 alloy round bar stock shows high hardenability, core hardness, and fatigue strength. It’s no wonder that they serve as excellent components for large cross-sections that require high toughness and core strength. An example of 9130 alloy bar stock application is when crafting gears, crankshafts, and heavy-duty gear shafts for aircraft and truck construction.

A quick analysis of this material’s chemical components and you’ll find that it comprises of the following: Carbon 0.08- 0.13, Manganese 0.45-0.65 max, Phosphorus 0.025 max, Sulfur 0.025 max, Silicon 0.20 – 0.35, and Nickel 3.0 -3.5. Advance Grinding has the right kind of steel that you need to help you keep up with your business or latest venture. Our duplex stainless steel is the perfect chromium-molybdenum alloy steel metal that’s best for forging things that carbon steel cannot provide.

If you want to acquire the best duplex stainless steel metal forged in the industry, then you’ll be happy to know that Advance Grinding can provide you with just that. Our Alloys are influenced by both the thermal treatment and the alloying elements that are present during their production.

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We understand the value of supplying our clients with quality metal, which is precisely why you should trust us, to supply you with top-tier, high-quality metals.

Contact us today so that you can get a quote on the alloy that you need. We’ll make sure that you’re equipped to take on any project you have to face by providing you with hardy material that you can rely on.