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Copper round bar

Advance Grinding Services offers an extensive line of drawn copper round bars that have major applications including bus bars, nozzles, precision-machined electrical components, forging stock, and fittings.

 Material such as copper round bar stock is used for an extensive range of applications including automotive, architecture, fuel gas, electrical, tube, pipe & fittings, machined products, industrial, and telecommunications.

Our products meet quality specifications and are available in any size that you want.

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As premised above, a copper bar is a ductile metal known for its high electrical and thermal conductivity which is why it is the best material commonly used by industries in the creation of electrical components, roof and welding fixtures, as well as plumbing fittings. 

Aside from their impressive thermal and electrical conductivity, copper bars are also known for their durability and aesthetic appeal allowing them to be used in varied applications from electrical parts, plumbing fixtures, up to decorative ones such as wind chimes and even coins.

For most industries, a copper round bar stock comes in handy especially with its ease of formability allowing it to be easily shaped and formed with the right diameters and tolerances.

Accordingly, with the right machinery, a copper round bar stock can be easily machined into a precision ground bar stock.  

With how essential and versatile copper round bars are in varied industries, Advance Grinding Services, a reliable copper round bar supplier in [location], vows to provide companies with only the highest quality of copper items. 

Moreover, providing copper round bars is not the only excellent thing AGS can do but we also take pride in providing excellent grinding and other related machining services. 

We can turn a copper round bar stock into a precision ground bar stock with refined tolerances and an appropriate surface finish. 

With the number of companies from various industries Advance Grinding Services partners with, you can be most assured we can most definitely machine copper round bars according to your specifications. 

Principal Applications of Copper round precision ground bar stock:

  • electronic components like connectors
  • seals and gaskets for high wear, corrosive, and high wear environments
  • electrical assemblies including fittings, connectors, and caps
  • valve and pump components for corrosive and high wear environments
  • power plants applications
  • fittings for high-temperature equipment
  • electrode tips for the welding industry

Copper alloys are some of the most versatile materials used for engineering. Its physical properties are a combination of strength, conductivity, corrosion resistance, ductility, machinability. Copper is a well-used material in the building industry as it can be used in a number of applications such as:

  • Roofing
  • Cladding
  • Heating systems
  • Oil and gas lines
  • Electrical wiring
  • Rainwater systems 

There are several commercial compositions for a copper alloy, around 370 to be precise but the most common grade used tends to be C106/CW024A which is a standard grade copper water tube. The structure of this material has a face-centered cubic crystal structure with a yellowish red physical appearance that when polished develops a bright metallic luster. In terms of electrical conductivity, copper is second only to silver as its cost is feasibly much lower and you can purchase the material in a greater abundance. Copper round bar stock is traditionally a standard material that is used for electrical transmissions and applications. You’ll be happy to know that as a professional copper round bar supplier, our products can and will meet quality specifications and are available in any size that you want.


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Also Available

ADVANCE GRINDING 0.040 inches1.016 mm 0.65 lbs/ft0.96733 kg/m 1.25 inches31.75 mm 1.375 inches34.925 mm GET A QUOTE
ADVANCE GRINDING 0.042 inches1.0668 mm 0.810 lbs/ft1.205442 kg/m 1.5 inches38.1 mm 1 5/8 inches41.275 mm GET A QUOTE
ADVANCE GRINDING 0.042 inches1.0668 mm 1.065 lbs/ft1.584933 kg/m 2 inches50.8 mm 2.125 inches53.975 mm GET A QUOTE
ADVANCE GRINDING 0.045 inches1.143 mm 1.688 lbs/ft2.5120816 kg/m 3 inches76.2 mm 3.125 inches79.375 mm GET A QUOTE
ADVANCE GRINDING 0.058 inches1.4732 mm 2.872 lbs/ft4.2741104 kg/m 4 inches101.6 mm 4.125 inches104.775 mm GET A QUOTE
ADVANCE GRINDING 0.072 inches1.8288 mm 4.430 lbs/ft6.592726 kg/m 5 inches127 mm 5.125 inches130.175 mm GET A QUOTE

Copper Grades

This metal exhibits ranging properties that can be highly applicable almost in various applications e.g industrial and architecture. Unlike other types of metals, copper metals can be applied almost in all types of applications, either for industrial or sophisticated purposes. This metal also plays in vital in electrical wiring since it is highly conductive to electricity. Copper may also play in architecture and sculpture. 

Copper round bar stock has varying grades that are used in a wide variety of applications, especially in marine environments. Copper alloys are available and can be formed out of different grades, each has its unique tensile strength, toughness, and resistance to creep, corrosion, and oxidation at elevated temperatures. Thus, copper grades are evaluated carefully to know each of their specific properties for assigning their exact applications. 

These are quality raw materials made from authentic copper precision ground bar stock grades that Advance Grinding Services supplies.

C613has good formability and machinabilityvalve and pump components, marine equipment, pole line hardware, high strength fasteners
C623has excellent corrosion resistance; has good acid resistanceused in industrial process streams
C624has excellent corrosion resistance; heat treatable to high strengthmarine equipment, pole line hardware, high strength fasteners
C30corrosion resistant; has typical tensile strengthpump and valve components for industrial process streams
C632corrosion resistant; has moderate strengtmarine equipment, high strength fasteners, valve and pump components, pole line hardware
C70600corrosion resistant in marine environments; has good creep resistance and moderate-high strength at elevated temperaturesused for seawater service, fittings and hardware, valve and pump components
C70690copper-nickel alloysmarine applications
C70610copper-nickel alloysmarine applications
C71500has moderate high strength; corrosion resistant in marine environments; creep resistant at elevated temperaturesmachined and forged pump and valve components, hardware and fittings

Advance Grinding Services is a well-established copper round bar supplier and as employees of such a fine establishment, we are more than ready to supply you with quality materials that are fit for all your construction needs. Contact us today to get a quote on our available stocks.