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titanium alloy round bar stock

Cars, aircraft, spacecraft, naval vessels, and motorcycles are all examples of items that utilize titanium alloy round bar stock. Regarding these kinds of applications, titanium alloy’s durability, fuel efficiency, and reliability are a huge plus.

Advantages of Titanium Alloy Round Bar Stock

It is used in various industries, including industrial processes, aerospace and military, and medical. But why is Titanium ground bar stock so popular?

Here are the benefits of Titanium that may explain its popularity in ground bar suppliers.

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Durability OF

Titanium Alloy Round Bar Stock

One of Titanium’s significant benefits is strength. It is one of the strongest metals on the earth, rivaling steel in strength-to-density ratio. This makes it a popular career choice.

Great manufacturing potential

Despite its toughness, Titanium is a soft and ductile refractory. It is so easily machined and produced into various metal parts and components.


When Titanium is exposed to air, a thin oxide layer forms, most materials have trouble penetrating this layer. Thus, titanium alloy round bar stock is resistant to corrosion and will not alter when exposed to corrosive substances. It will last for many years, whether used indoors or outdoors, ideal for structures and marine applications.


Titanium ground bar stock has a specific gravity of 4.5, making it 40% lighter than copper and 60% lighter than iron. This is one of the reasons it is commonly utilized in aerospace and structural frames.

Thermal expansion

Titanium has slight thermal expansion. This means it will not expand and shrink as much as other materials at harsh temperatures. It extends about half as much as steel, providing more structural stability.


Iron, steel, and aluminum are all hazardous to humans. Titanium is biocompatible. It is non-toxic to humans and animals and can thus be safely implanted into the body. Titanium alloy round bar stock is often utilized in dentistry and medicine.

Titanium Precision Ground Bar Stock Common Types and Grades

Titanium has grades 1, 2, 3, and 4. Each type is given a different number of interstitial pieces to work with. However, to help you decide, data from grades 5, 7 and 9. Find out which type of titanium alloy round bar stock is best for you in the table below.

Titanium Grade 1.

You can bend and make things with this type of Titanium. Many businesses use Titanium because it’s solid and easy to weld. Like marine and chemical, extreme industries use this type of material, and they do. It can also be used to make anodes that protect against cathodic damage.

Titanium Grade 2

Because of its moderate strength, good corrosion resistance, and ability to be shaped, titanium grade 2 is often used in industrial applications. None of these things are magnetized, either. Grade 2 of Titanium isn’t as strong as other pure Titanium grades. But it is perfect at combining moderate strength with a lot of flexibility.

Titanium Grade 3.

 It is better than Grade 2 because it is entirely unalloyed for strength. Because it is so versatile and strong, it is used in industrial applications that need excellent mechanical properties.

Titanium Grade 4.

Titanium Grade 4 is the strongest and has the most oxygen in it. An unalloyed CP grade is the most durable one. Easy to shape and weld: There’s a tensile strength of 400°F, and it can resist being burned at 600°F. Among the extra benefits are corrosion resistance in chemical processing equipment and maritime and aviation applications.

Titanium Grade 5

In this case, Titanium Grade 5 has been mixed with alpha-beta Titanium. Titanium Grade 5 comprises 6 percent aluminum and 4 percent vanadium. Furthermore, titanium engineers make Titanium grade 5 bars, tubes, and other parts.

Titanium Grade 7

Corrosion-resistant alpha titanium alloy has the same mechanical properties as commercially pure Titanium. Corrosion resistance in mineral acids and salt brines has a palladium add-on when it comes to corrosion resistance. It is used to make things go down or up very slowly.

Titanium Grade 9

Titanium grade 9 is between grades 4 and 5. It is used in aerospace and industrial projects. It can be used at higher temperatures with all Titanium grades except for nine. You can do it very well when you cold roll titanium with Grade 9 titanium.

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