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Tool Steel Bar Stock

Get to grips with the properties and characteristics of tool steel bar stock

Find out why tool steel bar stock is a popular choice for manufacturing industries

Get to grips with the properties and characteristics of tool steel bar stock

Tool steel bar stock is a popular choice for manufacturing industries due to its exceptional combination of hardness, toughness, and wear resistance. 

It is a type of high-quality carbon or alloy steel that is specifically designed to withstand high stresses and temperatures, making it ideal for use in various cutting tools, dies, and molds. 

Tool steel round stock is also known for its ability to maintain its shape and hardness even under extreme condition. This makes it a reliable and long-lasting material for industrial applications. 

Its durability and strength make it an ideal choice for industries such as aerospace, automotive, and construction, where high-performance materials are necessary. 

It can be easily machined and fabricated. That is why it a versatile and efficient material for manufacturers to work with.

TOOL Steel BAR Purchaser

Applications of Tool Steel Round Stock

Tool steel bar stock responds well to heat treatment, enabling varying hardness to meet various specific uses in different industries. The typical applications for tool steel include: draw & form dies, punches & dies shear blades, thread & paper rolls, shredder knives, mill rolls & slitters, and cold heading dies.

This steel bar stock is a type of high-quality steel useful to produce tools and dies. Tool steels create a wide range of products, including machine parts, cutting blades, and other items that require hardening to withstand intense pressures or heat.

You can buy it from many different sources online, with some dealers also offering custom cuts to suit specific needs. These steel suits applications where hardness is necessary. It is also great for wear resistance in demanding environments.

Tool steels are perfect for applications with hardness for wear resistance or strength in demanding environments. Also, the tool steel round bar has an excellent combination of toughness and

This is a general term for any steel useful as a cutting or shaping tool. Tool steel bar stocks are usually complex and brittle to hold an edge at high temperatures. Here are some of its many applications;

  • Knives, taps, and dies
  • Cutting tools for machining
  • Machine parts
  • Saw blades

Tool steel bars

We supply tool steel bars that are applicable for open die forgings as well for other die forged shapes which can be processed into finished parts

Tool steel grades

Tool steel grades possess such mechanical properties that are enable them to undergo various machining conditions.

Advance Grinding Services

A reputable tool steel round stock supplier maintains its production of tool steel to meet customers’ great demand and deliver it when needed. We also do other machining operations to meet product specifications set by our target customers and the industries we serve. 

For all your tool steel needs, head down to Advance Grinding Services, the most trusted tool steel round bar supplier in Bedford Park, Illinois, today!

To know more about our extended capabilities in steel production, especially in transforming a tool steel bar into a cold-finished steel bar, you may contact us or get a free quote today!

Why get Tool Steel Round Bar?

Tool steel round stock is a fantastic material. It is a high-carbon, high-chromium alloy that is incredibly useful in many industries. It is often useful for dies, punches, and shears. 

“Tool steel” is a general term for various steel useful to manufacture cutting tools. Tool steel round stock is also called high-speed steel, a misnomer because it is not a type of high-speed tool steel.

Moreover, tool steel round stock make tools that can be hardened to withstand heavy cutting loads and are intended to be ground rather than machined. They are typically made from tungsten or cobalt alloyed with carbon and other elements such as vanadium, chromium, molybdenum, nickel, and titanium.

A company needs quality tool steel round stock that can be forged and shaped to the necessary specifications. If you require tools with precise measurements, you may need accurate machining services to turn your tool steel into a cold-finished steel bar.

 Fortunately, you can avail high-quality tool steel round bar stock and excellent precise machining here at Advance Grinding Services. With us, we will supply you with tool steel that suits for your industry’s applications with the distinct specifications you require. Give us a call or request a quote from us today!