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Tool Steel Round bar Stock

Advance Grinding Services stocks quality Tool Steel round Bar Stock. We supply tool steel round bars in various shapes, types, and grades.

Tool steel round bar supplier, a carbon alloy steel designed explicitly for tool manufacturing, is used to make hand tools and machine dies. The material’s hardness, abrasion resistance, and ability to retain its shape even in high temperatures are notable properties.

Hardness, toughness, and wear resistance are all outstanding characteristics of tool steel. The chemistry and the manufacturing process play a role in the product’s uniqueness. The name implies that they are up for many difficult activities to characterize these steels.

Get to know more about tool steel before ordering them from your trusted tool steel round bar supplier.tool steel round bar supplier

Advantages of Tool Steel Bar Stock

Tool steel is commonly used in a heat-treated state, enhancing its hardness and tensile strength.

There are numerous advantages to purchasing this steel. Check them out below;

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Hardness and Toughness of bar stock

Hardness and toughness are the hallmarks of tool steel. This tool works wonders on mild steel, wood, and plastic drilling and cutting jobs. Fasteners, structural machine parts, heavy-duty framing, and tooling are the uses of this precision steel bar.

Excellent quality than usual steel

Tool steel is a high-quality carbon or alloy steel that is often used to manufacture cutters and other cutting tools to machine various materials. Furnaces are used to melt and treat the metals and then shape other metals into functional components.

Common types and grades of tool bar

Tool steel is a versatile material that may be utilized in various industries. Here are a few of the most common grades available from your go-to tool steel round bar supplier;

A2 Tool Steel

Hardness and dimensional stability are what A2 tool steel is well-known for. Tool steel A2 Steel is a medium-carbon, high-hardness tool steel. It’s a low-cost tool steel with a wide range of applications.

D2 Tool Steel

This finely cut steel bar’s carbon and chromium content is very high. That is because Chrome steel is used to construct it. Durable and machinable. The best toughness at high hardness can be found in this grade.

H13 Tool Steel

Flexible and moldable, the H13 toolset is the ideal choice for molding. H13 chromium steel hot-work tooling is the norm. H13 is the most commonly used tool steel due to its high degree of hardness and fatigue resistance.

M2 Tool Steel

Molybdenum-type HSS is another name for it. It is a sturdy and long-lasting product. Moreover, the M2 tool steel cold finished bar is a general-purpose material.

S7 Tool Steel

It can be used for cold and hot working. It’s a versatile alloy. Impact, stress, and slight temperature softening have little effect on it. Although it is less durable than other types, it is relatively stable.

w1 Tool Steel

Famous for its water-hardening properties, W1 steel is a tool steel that hardens rapidly. During the process, this alloy will warp, but not when it is quenched. Steel hardness is increased, which aids in grain size preservation.

O1 Tool Steel

Using this tool steel round bar stock, you won’t have to worry about it deforming or hardening. The term “non-shrinking steel” comes from this property. Most people want O1 to be durable and resistant to wear and tear.

o6 Tool Steel

Tool steel O6 cold finished bar is graphitic steel that does not slide or gall. It has a wide range of applications. Also, the steel has a uniformly dispersed graphite layer to manufacture and not seize.

Choose Advance Grinding Precision Ground tool steel Bar Stock

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