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300-Maraging-Steel round bar stock is a cobalt strengthened Type-C steel that contains 18% nickel with excellent properties that give it workability and heat treatment characteristics.​

300 maraging steel

300-Maraging-Steel round bar stock is a cobalt strengthened Type-C steel that contains 18% nickel with excellent properties that give it workability and heat treatment characteristics. 300-Maraging-steel bar stock is a double vacuum melted by vacuum induction melt or better known as VIM followed by vacuum arc remelt or VAR which is then supplied in the annealed and descaled condition. What you can expect from 300-maraging-steel bar stock is that it has excellent mechanical properties and workability due to its high yield strength, toughness ductility and impact strengths all while maintaining a high resistance to crack propagation which in turn makes this the best material to work with if you want something with good repair weldability, low coefficient of expansion minimizing heat checking, superior pitting or corrosion resistance and longer tool life.

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As such, it is now understandable why this type of alloy steel is sought after getting a quick review of its components.

Consequently, its high machinability is highlighted as it is commonly combined with sulfur to further improve its machinability and make carburizing processes more effective.

With its excellent machinability, this even elevated this alloy steel’s prominence among industries.

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Tensile Strength95000 psi
Yield Strength60200 psi
Hardness (Brinell)197
Hardness (Knoop)219
Hardness (Rockwell)92
Hardness (Vickers)207


With excellent toughness, high fatigue strength, and outstanding machinability, maraging steel 300 has indeed become a staple for most industries in the Midwest. Maraging 300 (also known as maraging steel 300) is a type of steel that has been developed for a variety of applications. It is an alloy that is made up of nickel, chromium, molybdenum, and usually titanium.

It is high-strength, low-alloy steel with good toughness and ductility. It has good weldability and can be readily hot-rolled, cold-formed or machined. It has excellent corrosion resistance and can be used in a wide variety of applications such as automotive parts, household appliances, medical devices and aircraft structures. The maraging steel 300 is a type of steel that is commonly used in the manufacturing of aircraft parts, as well as golf club heads and other items. This type of steel is strong but also lightweight. It is often chosen for these reasons, and because it can be easily welded without compromising the quality of the material.

Maraging steel is a grade of steel that has a high strength-to-weight ratio and is tough. It is often used for components that require strength. It is an alloy of iron and nickel with small amounts of cobalt, titanium, copper, and aluminum added. The addition of these metals increases the strength-to-weight ratio while retaining the toughness.

The advantages of maraging steel 300 are many that are why it is in demand in many Maraging 300 suppliers. For one thing, it has a higher tensile strength than most other types of stainless steel. This means that it can be used in applications where high strength is necessary such as aircraft parts or equipment used in nuclear power plants. It also has good ductility and toughness properties which means that it can be formed into different shapes without cracking or breaking easily.

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