Bearing Quality Stainless Steel

Bearing Shaft Quality Stainless Steel have exact ID dimensions that are used for support for a sliding or rotating wheel, shaft, or pivot.

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We focus on 303 Stainless Steel Bearing Shaft Round Bars or 303 SS.

The typical applications of 303 SS are exclusively for parts and components that require grinding, machining, or polishing and where good resistance to corrosion is also a requirement. It is ideal for moving parts due to its non-galling and non-seizing properties. As an austenitic steel, it can be applicable when magnetic permeability is required. 303 SS has excellent forming properties.


Bearing quality shaft has a smooth and undersized finish for application of bearings. They should have 32RMS surface finish to allow a more smooth finish and round bar which can help the life of the shaft. Bearing is a kind of friction-reducing device which allows a gliding movement between two parts. It operates with the use of rolling and sliding mechanism. The production of bearings should take important considerations for proper maintenance and installations.

A bearing shaft is made from high-quality stainless steel, which can be used for various applications, including food processing, medical devices, and packaging equipment. Bearing shafts are designed to have an extended service life, with many built to last decades without wearing out. The bearing shaft quality stainless steel is a type of steel that has been used for many years in various industrial applications.

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The bearing shafts quality stainless steel can be formed from different alloys, but the most common type is chromium and nickel. The alloy content will determine the strength and hardness of the steel.

Moreover, the bearing shafts quality stainless steel is typically used to make components such as gears, bearings, and machine parts. Bearing shafts are the most critical and expensive parts of a bearing. They provide support for the rolling elements and serve as a lubricating seal.

Advance Grinding Services has a stock of 303 Stainless Steel Bearing Shaft Round metal products or 303 SS which are highly useful for aircraft parts, all types of screw machine products, screws, bolts, shafts, valve trims, gears, valves, and machine parts, and also architectural purposes. However, it is not applicable for vessels that contain liquids and gases under high pressure.