Duplex Stainless Steel Bar


Duplex Stainless Steel Bars are growing quickly in popularity due to their favorable mechanical properties and low cost.

Duplex Stainless Steel is an alloy in the family of stainless steel, that has extreme resistance to corrosion and high strength. The name duplex comes from the microstructure of the metal, which contains two phases, austenite and ferrite. Typical stainless steels usually contain one phase or the other, but duplex stainless steel contains an even mix of both. It is when these two components are mixed together that gives the metal its high corrosion resistance and strength.
Duplex is often the stainless steel grade of choice in the oil and gas industries for pipelines and pressure valves. 
Our Duplex Stainless Steel bars have a long list of attractive properties, which make them essentially better in ductility and toughness than their counterparts. They exhibit excellent resistance to stress cracking, a quality inherited from the ferritic phase, and they offer a great ease of fabrication.
These metals are very high in strength, leading to weight saving and thus, a low price.

Steel Purchaser

Duplex Stainless Bars have major applications such as piping for water and seawater chemicals, heat exchangers, storage tanks, and pressure vessels. Since 1994, Advance Grinding has been supplying top industries with reliable material for their operations. Request a quote today for a competitive price!