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Medical Grade Stainless Steel

Medical Grade Stainless Steel is undoubtedly a gift for the medical industry. You can have detailed information of its’ fantastic advantages

As we all know, medical grade stainless steel is a highly sought-after metal in a wide range of fields. And in the medical area, it is the most sought-after skill.

And medical products undergo further testing to ensure they meet the highest possible quality requirements. There are numerous testing has proved that Stainless Steel is a good option.

Advantages of Medical Stainless Steel

Medical grade stainless steel is undoubtedly a gift for the medical industry. Below, you can have detailed information of its’ fantastic advantages.

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Resistance to Corrosion

Medical stainless steel uses a molecular phenomenon called passivation. This allows the metal to self-heal. It is not the same as galvanized steel, even though many people confuse the two. The zinc coating gives galvanized steel its corrosion resistance.

Aesthetic Medical Grade Stainless Steel

Medical steel’s brilliant, easily maintained surface creates a modern, attractive aesthetic that lasts year after year. It outperforms polymer solid surfaces in terms of resistance to chipping, cracking, staining, scratching, and general porosity.

Heat Resistance of Medical Stainless Steel

Medical grade stainless steel is resistant to flame and heat. This ensures that the tools and equipment do not fail. Patients and medical professionals are at risk. No such thing happens in controlled fire tests. Its intrinsic oxidation resistance and high thermal strength help it resist fire.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Unlike some metals, stainless steel has no natural antimicrobial properties. So you can easily sanitize it. So the hospital staff may clean the tool or surface. It undergoes a particular procedure that makes medical stainless steel resistant to microorganisms and allows it to self-sanitize.

Medical Grade Stainless Steel Common Types and Grades

Get to know the common grades of medical stainless steel below. This way, you can know what suits you the best for your next project!

17-4 Stainless Steel

It has outstanding mechanical properties and is a martensitic precipitation-hardening stainless steel. It has Short-term low-temperature heating also prevents warping and scaling.

304 Stainless steel

It is common in the medical industry to use a 304 medical grade round bar since it is strong, resilient, and resistant to corrosion. Because of its low carbon and manganese content, it is easy to clean and sterilize.

316 and 316L Stainless steel

An alloy of molybdenum is 316 stainless steel. It is resistant to chlorine and other acid corrosion, unlike 304 steel. So it can be used in situations where there is a risk of exposure to chlorides. 316L, on the other hand, is a subset of 316 steel. It has different characteristics than 316 steel because it has less carbon and molybdenum.

420 Stainless steel

420 medical stainless steel is a martensitic stainless steel, similar to 410 but stronger and harder. In anodized and hardened versions, magnetism is present. Corrosion resistance is only achieved by using steel that has been fully hardened.

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