As a premium partner of many large manufacturers, Advance Grinding Services is capable of doing precision grinding and different machining operations.


Advance Grinding Services utilizes advanced machinery and equipment to perform the following operations necessary to come up with desired shape and roundness in each material fitting for manufacturing components and parts.

Our operators are highly-skilled in understanding the basic fundamentals in machining operations and performing the crucial tasks of operating – from abrasive cutting to heating, chamfering, grinding, and more. Along with this, Advance Grinding Services has put its advanced facilities and its warehouse modernization program makes use of computer-controlled machines and material flow paths.

Advance Grinding Services considers itself as a Word Class Precision Advancement for all the materials you need in your manufacturing processes.

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We provide chamfering services for precision ground bars and produce specific chamfered ends for various materials with the use of our heavy duty machines.

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Custom Machining

We specialize in custom machining design for the production of high-quality machined parts to meet your specific needs.

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We provide quality packaging services for industrial and manufacturing sectors for a maintained quality and safe transit of products. Request a quote today!

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We offer an aggressive precision polishing operation that can lead to brighter, smoother finish in all products specs. Advance Grinding Services offer...

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Precision Grinding

Our top-notch precision grinding services bring enhanced and accurate roundness in products through abrasive cutting for multiple heavy applications.

MM Quality Grinding Millimeters

Saw Cutting

We do offer steel cutting saw operation to achieve specific cut dimensions to products used in various manufacturing applications. Advance Grinding Services



Advance Grinding Services offers its straightening operation that is one of the first in machining operations in tube or bar finishing.