Bar Chamfer Tool

Precision Ground Bar CHAMFER Services

We offer bar chamfer services for precision ground bars and produce specific chamfered ends for various materials.

What is Chamfering?

A bar chamfer services is an angled cut at the end of a flat surface, typically in metal or wood. The diagonal cut can be seen as a way to soften the appearance of an edge. This type of edge is to ease the image and creates a more comfortable grip for the user.

A bar chamfers can also serve as an indicator for where to start cutting when cutting metal bars. Moreover, it is used on the ends of metal bars welded together. The technique is often used in fabrication or engineering to smooth the transition between two pieces of metal. 

It can be applied as a decorative detail on furniture and for functional purposes such as easing the installation of doors and drawers into their openings. In architecture and design, bar chamfer services can be used in conjunction with other decorative elements to create a more elaborate plan for furniture or building exteriors.

Advance Grinding Services offers these machining capabilities and features:


Chamfering is a traditional cutting process of the two vertices of a bar product. It ensures smooth indexing of bars through guide bushing. This machining operation can help manufacturers attain great production efficiency from bar feed equipment.