We provide chamfering services for precision ground bars and produce specific chamfered ends for various materials.

Chamfering is a process of traditional cutting of the two vertices of a bar product. Chamfering bar ends can ensure smooth indexing of bars through guide bushing. This machining operation can help manufacturers attain great production efficiency from bar feed equipments.

Advance Grinding Services offers machined bar chamfering operations to specific dimensions and angles, providing cost-effective means of preparing bar ends for almost bar feed systems. With the acquisition of cut off/ chamfer machines, Advance Grinding Services can provide precision bar ends and desired full machine chamfer.

This operation is typically an efficient method to produce chamfered ends like in sprockets, gears, and other parts. It can also be a useful tool in deburring. It can be much relevant to that of a cutting process, specifically on bar ends or edges to connect two surfaces. Chamfered and precision bar ends serve as a solution to machining problems associated with tube and straight-length bar.

Advance Grinding Services offers these machining capabilities and machine features:

  • Complete chamfered machining
  • Complete spotfacing installations
  • Bundle strapping
  • Bar marking
  • Stainless steel, carbon, and zirconium chamfering
  • Enhanced bar ends and surface
  • Reduced tooling and machine wear