Custom Machining

We specialize on custom machining design for the production of high-quality machined parts to meet your specific needs.

Custom Machined Steel Round BarsAdvance Grinding Services leads in the industry in helping manufacturers through significantly offering a wide variety of services including Custom Machining.

What is custom machining?

Custom Machining Design is any different processes and operations in which raw material is cut into required size and shape with the use of the controlled material-removal process. It is a manufacturing process that results in a raw material reaches its desired and final shape, size, and roundness. Machining is not just suited for metal materials but it can also be used on woods, ceramics, plastics, and composites. To do the operation and reach the desired result, there is a required relative motion between the work and the tool. This relative motion is achieved in almost all machining operations by the presence of the primary motion which is the “cutting speed”. The secondary motion is called “feed”.

AGS Custom machining service is suited for a wide variety of applications like manufacturing parts for automotive industry, aircraft construction, mechanical and chemical industries, etc.

When it comes to Custom Machining, Advance Grinding Services ensures end-product quality through the use of state-of-the-art and heavy-duty machinery and stringent selection of raw materials.

Advance Grinding Services performs the excellent machining operations and boasts of the following:

  • High-speed machining tools
  • Heavy duty machinery
  • Highly skilled operators
  • Manual and computer numerical controlled machining operations