We offer an aggressive precision polishing operation that can lead to brighter, smoother finish in all products specifications.

Factory workers polishing steel round bars

Advance Grinding Services also boasts its turning & precision polishing operations, allowing itself to be the leading solution provider to all industrial sectors, construction, and manufacturing industries. Polishing and buffing are considered as finishing processes. They are mainly used to smooth the material’s surface through the use of abrasive applied to the work wheel. Polishing significantly enhances physical properties of finished products and restores the looks of metal parts.

Metal Polishing Process

This process is an act of material removed – more on the external course with the use of medium abrasives. It is used mainly to remove minor surface imperfections and scratches to improve the overall appearance of the material. In addition, the operation is done prior to “buffing”. The buffing, though, cannot penetrate too deep compounds so the material should be polished beforehand.

As a top quality provider of metalworking operations, Advance Grinding Services also specializes in turning and polishing services and concentrates in rough machining components until they reach finishing operations. AGS has been serving various industrial sectors and manufacturing industries like military equipmentaircraftautomotivemedicaletc.

Advance Grinding Services performs the excellent Precision Polishing operations

  • Polish and Dual Action
  • Automatic, Robotic, and Manual Polishing
  • Finish to Desired Specific Roughness Average
  • Consistent Quality Control Inspection