Saw Cutting

We provide chamfering services for precision ground bars and produce specific chamfered ends for various materials.

Centerless Steel Round bar being cut

Saw cutting or metal cutting saw is a critical process in which a thin layer of excess metal (chip) is removed by a wedge-shaped single-point or multipoint cutting tool with defined geometry from a workpiece, through a process of extensive plastic deformation. It is one of the frequently used operations which work with metals in order to create or cut materials to desired shapesizeedgesharpness, and roundness. The operation itself covers an extensive array of work from automotive and aircraft industry, military equipment, large ships, engine parts, and mechanical industries..

What is saw cutting?

There are lots of abrasive operations performed inside the facilities of Advance Grinding Services. And upon performing such critical operations, there are certain fundamentals and rules followed to ensure quality control in every end – product and to meet all the stringent requirements in all operations.

Cutting metal turns out now as one of the highly sought metal machining operation in the manufacturing and industrial sector. The operation itself is mainly used for removing metal from a workpiece and for creating chips. It can also be used as “parting” in which it is used to cut the finished part from a bar stock.

Advance Grinding Services featured quality services include:

  • Cutting to required lengths
  • Standard cutting Tolerance
  • Use of Precision Saw Cutting Equipment
  • Quality Control Inspection